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# 1 Privacy breach; voice chat bug
02-24-2013, 11:10 AM
I logged in STO and found Queen "we will rock you" playing in the background. There's also a dog barking from time to time and a child is playing in the background.

I'm currently listening to an open mic at my friends house. And that friend is not even logged on. I just called him to tell him to turn his mic off, and he told me he logged off hours ago, but the game is still running, at the sign in screen

We did noticed it a couple of weeks back, when my friend logs on, I'll start hearing his mic even without being teamed. We're both on the same fleet and on each other friends' list.

But voice chat should be limited to team.
And I definitely shouldn't be able to listen to the mic of a player who is logged off the game, but didn't close the game.

a ticket has been submited, but I wanted to let people know
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# 2
02-25-2013, 12:29 AM
Though it's strange that it's operating when he's still on character login, you can disable open mic: Esc, Options, Voice Chat, Open Microphone (Off)

Voice chat works for Fleet *and* Team.
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# 3 agreed
02-26-2013, 06:44 AM
as soon as i said i had my mic in on fleet channel i suddenly noticed a bunch apeople and when i said out loud what the **** i heard people going OH quick turn it off now
its liek they are listening and what not.....

ALSO if you leave a battle cause a bunch of thepeople in it are well ill be nice and say not coordinated enough to win the PvE and i leave WHY am i banned i realize that doing so is not usually seen as nice but im not here to waste my time for 3 hrs on hopeless ness
NO really the way they were going it would have gone on forever.

that level 2 queen mission on omega needs timers too complete say 1 hr max
ELSE im not doing them and that kills my advancing and kills even wanting to play the game

and i find it funny as hell that they ask for community feedback and i cant post in it....its almost FRAUD saying some **** like that and then not allowing me to post.

I've discovered about 4 bugs and im nto telling cause of that very issue not allowed to post.
i tossed ya 30 bucks and im canuck and ill add that it asks on your pay form for a zip code on last part ....IM DAMN CANADIAN WE DONT HAVE ZIP CODES.....
that right there will lose you money as i sat for half a hour trying to think what should i put there....others will go oh well and leave.

I like the game and supported ya....OH and i got disconnected twice after this as well. and i lost items i picked im debatign of going to a new game and not one fo these you have.

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