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# 1 Network issues...again
03-13-2013, 07:32 AM
And once again, just like in the thread that got moved into the PC and Technical Peer to Peer issues forum for some reason, it's not my PC and it's not Peer resolvable.

tracert once again shows cogento being inconsistent and slow, nettest is basically at full stop by the way...which is new (by this I mean 15/1/15 being average across all ports). For the purposes of testing, I even killed my firewall and exempted the game exe from real time protection scanning.

More interestingly, /netgraph is showing pings bouncing anywhere from low hundreds to close to 1000 while you guys chunk (and I mean chunk...up to 4 million bits, unpacked, in size) things down to me...making the RECV number jump all over the place. Even more interesting is that those lag spikes and chunks coincide with rubber banding and lag. This is NOT while zoning. This is in a station, or floating stationary in space.

What are you pushing at me?

I said its not me, and I meant it. my premium level acct at dslReports lets me spam my system, run smoke tests, test settings, etc, it says I'm fine. SWGEmu's game servers in Texas say I'm fine, with 100 and lower consistent pings. CCP's EvE servers say I'm fine. My school ftp server, which I administer, says I'm fine as I send and receive half-gig image files cleanly and with sub-100 pings.

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