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Greetings all,

I am a proud Captian of a verry good looking and ok flying vesel,

My current setup is :

Weapons front: 2x: Polaron cannon mkx [ACC]
Bio-Neural Warhead
Plasma torpedo launcher mk IX [CRTD][CRTH]
Weapons after: : Polaron Beam Array mkIX[CRTH]
Phased Polaron Beam Array mkX [CRTH][DMG]
plasma torpedo launcher mkIX [CRTH]
plasma torpedo launcher mkIX [CRTH]x2
Eqiupment : Postron deflector array mk IX [INC]
Efficient impulse engines mkX
Lovariant shield array mkVIII [CAP]x2
Engineer console: Tetraburnium hull armor mkX
RCS Accelerator mkX
SIF Generator mkVIII
EPS Flow Regulator mk VII
Science : Counter messure system mkVII
Bio Funtion monitor mk IX
EPS flow regulator
Tact consoles : Warhead yield chamber mkX
Warhead yield chamber mkX :x1

Now i am a science fed char and not at lvl 50 yet but i am wondering if this ship could perform even beter then it does now and so i ask to post youre star cruiser setup and reason why you use the curent weaponry/eqiupment/console setup.

Little note on the side , i am planing to change the torpedoes to quantum ones since it got recomended and i cant do more then try

Friendly regards from,

Dane Danger Duval
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02-24-2013, 05:59 AM
Well we would need to know what skills you're specced in too to properly answer if your output can be enhanced.
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02-24-2013, 08:36 AM
hey there anazonda,

Well i am kinda new to this game and so as result my char is lvl 45 and its skills are decent but verry noob here some pics



these are the fellas on the stations :


Hope this is the info you asked for, as for specialization i have no clue how to do or if i even did that.

I got told i fly like i should use an escort but after trying some of them i just find them lacking in the needed consoles wich the star cruiser provide plentyfull.
I go full in from 10 k shooting and buffing like hell then after a pass i keep shooting untill just out of weaponry reach so i can repair by my officers and turn in the same time then same procedure untill killed or get killed .

Hope i can get some setups in general and maybe some personal advice ^-^

Friendly regards from,

Dane danger duval
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02-24-2013, 03:26 PM
Well, we do have a couple forums dedicate to this kind of stuff(namely the Federation and Klingon Shipyards), but here are a couple quick pointers:

Swap your tactical consoles to a single energy weapon damage type(Polaron, for example, if you like your purple pew-pews).

Science consoles should probably stick with boosting either shield capacity or shield regeneration - depending if you're running higher aux or shield power, respectively.

Engineering Consoles should be resistance armor, obviously. Neutronium if you don't want to hassle with it, otherwise you can swap the damage types to match what you're fighting.

Weapons-wise, you're kind of all over the place. Despite what a lot of people will tell you, single cannons and/or turrets can work fine on cruisers. Likewise, cruisers also work quite nicely with beams using broadsiding tactics. However, I strongly urge you to stick to one or the other(cannons or beams, not both).

The Star Cruiser can squeeze just enough agility out to be able to use torpedos effectively(I'd still strongly recommend having a power to inertial dampeners on standby). Anyways, some example builds I've tried that I enjoy:

1x Dual Beam Bank, 2x Beam Array, 1x Torp Tube
3x Beam Array, 1x Torp Tube

This is the more or less the status quo for cruisers, good at broadsiding to take out shields, then finishing things with torpedos. Additionally, the DBB gives it a little more forward bite and makes Beam Overload a viable option.

2x Dual Beam Bank, 2x Torp Tube
2x Beam Array, 2x Torp Tube

This one is a bit more torpedo heavy, but the weapon arrangement allows you to run with less weapon's power, and thus is nicer for a support role. A pair photons will auto-fire without delay, but quantum/plasma and higher will need some projectile doffs to work with only two tubes.

3x Cannon, 1x Torp Tube
3x Turret, 1x Chroniton Mine

More of a strike/lance cruiser build. Cannons perform better at closer range, so this build is a careful balancing act of constaintly approaching your target(s). Once you reach the point of no return, Ejecting Warp Plasma along with Evasive Manuevers will allow you to quickly snare your prey, get some distance, and come about for another pass. This tends to work better with Klingon Cruisers, but single cannons can still get the job done(and are a bit more forgiving). The Chroniton Mines are obviously for another layer of snaring.

There are other builds with more specialty to them, obviously, but these are the three I probably bounce through the most.

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