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And now, the end has come, but then again, we will be back!

There may be makeup sessions, and advanced seminars, but the 4 session curriculum we all know and love has come to an end. What did you learn? Did you get to know anyone? Have you been tempted to learn something new? Have any of your horizons broadened? Has this paragraph dragged on quite enough?

Give us your constructive feedback!

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03-31-2013, 02:51 AM
On the 4th lesson
It was short.Ours took about 5/10 minutes.Involved our class fighting a team of german players (we where told there wasn't enough german speaking coach's on for them).We did that twice and the coach said he was pleased with what he saw,we where all focusing and cross healing.Only issue was not many of us had the targeting keybind .

After that we did a few arena match's with a tsi member,the coach had to go do something, and he had a few pieces of advice for one player,he had missed session 1 and 2 i think so had not received advice about his ship's build

For the bootcamp overall

I've enjoyed it.When i signed up for the very first one i already new a far bit of pvp,i wasn't an expert but had been pvping log enough to know the basics.Managed to convince a few of my fleet member to join up as well,that was the main reason for me signing up. Unfortunately they have both missed 2 sessions so in the end it was only me ,from my fleet, that completed them.

But i still carried on attending because i was still learning new things from them and enjoying getting together with some people that where interested in pvp. My fleet is really a pve fleet,we get together once a month for a quick ground/space match against another fleet but that's it. I'm hoping to convince a few more of them to sign up for the next time these sessions happen, my fleets down to about 4 really active players so they could really do with a reason to log on and play.

Now that the last one is over i have learned a fiar bit. Target calling was the most informative lesson,as i said i knew most of the basics, and i was also talked through a new respec for my captain from the second lesson.It was also good to see where i was when compared to other players,my fleet considers me to be a really great escort captain regardless how much i try to explain to them that i'm really not and am more of an average pvp player.My big hope,apart from more of my fleet signing up, is that with cryptic being a part of this , this signals a new focus on pvp content,maybe even that long dreamed of territory control
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03-31-2013, 04:18 AM
I would like to thank all the coaches from Bootcamp.

This bootcamp made me keep playing the game, and enjoying it once again.

Before bootcamp started, i was playing the STF's over and over again, to a point i can do them half a sleep. I was getting bored with pve, so i took a look once again at pvp.

Of course, i had tried to pvp before, even when i just started playing STO. But, like many i got my a*** handed to me hard, every time i went into the queues.

But, i really wanted to be at least an average PVP player, since i was looking for a new challenge in this game. I started reading the PVP subforums, and picked up some good advice from it. Then i saw the post about the bootcamp, and i though... this is my chance to learn. So i entered bootcamp.

At that point a new world opened for me. After the first two sessions (i did those on one day), i started to look at the game mechanics in another way. This helped me understand why those pvp'ers could take that much damage, and walk away from it. (and to turn around and almost one shot me )

I adjusted my build, experimented with different setups, and re-entered the queues.
I was now able to kill, and was no longer beeing oneshotted.

I kept entering the queues, and made some friends on the way, so i was able to start playing with a "team". At this point, i no longer liked the game, i started the really love it.
Taking in account all the stuff i learned from this bootcamp, i gradually improved myself.

So, once again : THANK YOU !!! for making this game a lot more appealing to me, and making me a much better player

I'm also looking forward to the advanced courses
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03-31-2013, 05:04 AM
The boot camp experience was a good one.I have met 4 instructors during the 4 lessons and I learned something from each.
There are things that you hardly experience if you pug PVP as I do .Team cross-healing and target switching are some things I did learn during these lessons
I had sent notes regarding bootcamp in my fleet and I hope more fleet members will attend next sessions

Thank you for all who made this possible and I look forward for next advanced lessons
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03-31-2013, 06:09 AM
The overall experience was very positive and I learned much and enjoyed myself in the process. A big thank you goes out to everybody involved in making this happen! Your dedication and enjoyment of the game itself was evident and rubbed off on all of us I believe.

I do think that session 4 should have been kept to its original format however. I understand the arguments for and against why it was changed in the end. However, the 4th session was lacking as a result of few participants (despite there having been 109 people who signed up) and hence teams were unbalanced and generally I think the original format would have been more satisfying, at least for me personally.

That being said, this is in no way a reflection of the coaches but rather just the circumstances that transpired. I highly recommend PVP Boot Camp and think it could only add to everybody's overall experience of the game regardless if you play PVP or not! The PVE community could benefit immensely from this type of exercise.

Again, thank you so much and I wish you all the very best in future PVP Boot Camps.
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03-31-2013, 09:32 AM
It's been a good bootcamp. I learned a few things, which was good, although was already experienced enough in pvp that much of it was review for me. I'm recommending it to my fleet, and know at least one member will be signing up for the next round of bootcamp.

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