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Good morning

So i've decided i want to buy an odyssey ship. I dont want to buy the 3pack, so have to decide between the science and tactical ship

I am an engineering captain, and fill the role of tank (although I do enjoy putting out a respectable amount of dmg for a cruiser).

Im leaning toward the science oddy atm, but would like some more input before i finally decide.

Then, also, does sensor analysis have a firing arc? Or can it apply to target i have my back to/broadsiding.

I will be running it as an 8-BA beam boat. Is the Tactical oddy's +weapon energy required to do this fully.

Im mostly doing ESTF's and some fleet defense.

I really can't seem to decide on one or the other, and want to have a clear choice before i buy.

Thank you for any advice.
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02-25-2013, 01:05 PM
As standalone buys go, the Odyssey is not a good ship. You need to remember, the Odyssey has been nicknamed "The Space Whale" for a reason. She's slow, cumbersome, and can't turn for crap. However she's quite durable, and VERY versatile. But you cannot buy just one Odyssey and expect to do well. The best combo in the game currently for a non-dedicated tank Odyssey is the Tactical Odyssey + Chevron sep (which requires the Operations Odyssey). That nullifies a lot of turn rate issues (+8 base turn or something like that), and also gives you a huge power boost to your weapons (always useful especially when using beams). But you sacrifice a large chunk of hull and shields, and power to aux and shields in the process.

Your best bet would be the get the 3 pack. However if you are unwilling to do that, I would recommend instead the Regent or *throws up quietly in a corner* the Excelsior. Both ships do good damage (at least as cruisers go) and can tank nearly as well as the Odyssey (actually not quite, but it's close enough).

However for your other questions:

Sensor Analysis only requires that you be firing on the target and have it constantly targeted. Break target and it resets.

The Tactical Odyssey's +10 power alone is not enough to negate the drain from 8 beams (not much is). In all honesty 8 beams actually loses out on DPS compared to a 7/1 or 6/2 setup.
It is said the best weapon is one that is never fired. I disagree. The best weapon is one you only have to fire... once.
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