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# 1 Atrox carrier Build critique.
02-28-2013, 12:06 AM
I'm new and don't even have it yet so be nice. 8)

This is my current proposition:

ship setup


All with Efficient for max Warp core efficiency.

Personal Passives:
Efficient Captain, Techie, Warp Theorist, Astrophysicist

Carrier pets:
Either 12x Advanced Caitan or
6x Advanced Caitian + 6x Ultra rare scorpions fighters.

Omega/Romulan bonus skills:
Medical Nanites/Hull Repairing Nanites/Rotating Weapon Frequencies/Omega Graviton Amplifier/Medical Nanite Cloud
Enhanced Personal Shield/Enhanced Shield System/Reactive Shielding/Emergency Secondary Shielding/Quantum Singularity Manipulation

I would be equiping it with:

Borg & assimilated borg set
Romulan Singularity harness
Hargh'peng Torpedo launcher

Transwarp computer
Theta radiation Vents
Tachyokinetic Converter
Subspace Jumper
Nadeon Detonator
Isometric Charge
Ionized Gase Sensor

Front Weapons:
Borg plamsa torp
Hargh'peng torp
Romulan singularity torp

Back end:
Roman singularity beam array
Kinetic cutter
XXX? Temporal Disruption device or Breen transphasic torpedo launcher?

Space Doffs:
Medic Alternative +200% crew repair raite below 75%
Nurse Alternative +x%? Crew repair rate below 75%(if not as much as medic or enough to be useful a Research lab Scientist!)
Quartermaster Alternative +100% battery time reduction.(I'm assuming this will work on the red matter capacitor. I'm hoping it is a constant reduction. if not more than normal use.)
Gravimetric Scientist
Deflector Officer Scientist

Energy layout:
I think I would keep constant 125 shields, Then whatever Aux I can get and the rest for weapons. I would have the least energy points in engines and rely on the high turn rate bonuses from the sets etc.

I was thinking for the last rear of putting in the Ferengai mine dropper or something(I think the Temporal disruption device will do!). And maybe replacing one of the consoles with the Ferngai set one for the mine damage. Not sure which one. If they ever make a retrofit Atrox I'll add the whole Ferengai set for fun. Or if I get the dreadnaught instead. The Breen Transphasic Cluster torpedo also looks very interesting. I change my mind. If they ever make an atrox with 10 slots and 8 weapons I'd do the missle launcher and console from the Ferengai set and the Breen launcher and Temporal disruption device in the back!

I was hoping to use the hargh'peng to draw clusters of torpedoes as a single target etc to make sure it hurts more. And playing with torp stuff and my little adv caitan ships to take down sheilds.

I'm not sure how much I should put into the skills for energy weapons though. I can take out the points energy weapons all together to max out the resistance hull plating skill. Or should I save it for the cutter and Romulan beam array?

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# 2
02-28-2013, 09:30 AM
Well, just eyeballing it, I see a very defensive build and way too many "cool consoles". You could use some Neutronium armor or Field Generators in there at the very least.

You might also want to consider the fact that the Atrox, as a carrier, turns like an ice berg so you need to think about what you have as front-firing weapons/powers v. broadside weapons. In practice I've found that torpedoes on an Atrox are a dicey proposition and best used for an effect that you can get in on approach: harg'peng's aren't bad for that and don't use the Tac torpedo buffs.

With your proposed Shields > Aux > Weapons > Engines priorities you could, potentially, shield tank reasonably well and do well in a support role if you pick your powers correctly but your DPS will be quite low. In a team situation this isn't a bad thing but for any soloing fights will take a very long time.
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02-28-2013, 10:26 AM
I'm aware the atrox is slow. I'm still trying to figure out the exact turn rate and what it will have. The info for this game is 95% of the time incorrect. It is very hard to find out what I'm getting. And I know the consoles are special ones. I picked the ones I did on purpose over the normal ones.

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# 4
02-28-2013, 03:31 PM
Originally Posted by aftulus View Post
All with Efficient for max Warp core efficiency.
i think i read somewhere that efficient has a stacking limit, so it may not be a good idea to waste so much EC on boffs you may not even get an effect out of

EDIT: oh, and the Nadeon Detonator only modifies standard torpedos, which you don't have any of, unless that hargh'peng counts as standard
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02-28-2013, 03:57 PM
If you pack that many cheese consoles mixed with that many 90 degree arc weapons your going to be in the respawn que ALOT

From what I've seen beams are the only way to go on this beast along with whatever 360 degree sci powers take your fancy

The high shield cap means you should be able to let at least some power into weapons

Not to insult you or anything but why the atrox just wondering

Also pets... Fed side there is only one way to go ultra rare scorpions nasty little buggars

Just my two cents
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02-28-2013, 03:59 PM
I'm not even quite sure where to begin with this build ....

It looks like you have tried to shove as many of the "Pay to Win" consoles and sets on this thing as possible without any real synergy to it. If you are aiming for a defensive or "tanky" build, you should drop some of the special consoles and put on some good old fashioned Neutronium Armor and a couple of Field Generators. You have a number of consoles on here which will be all but useless to you:

Theta radiation Vents - You have nowhere near the mobility to make use of this, drop it

Ionized Gase Sensor - This might have some use if alot of the endgame content used cloaking devices, but unless you PvP, you will never use this. And if you PvP in this ship, you will die. Alot.

Transwarp computer - This is so not worth a console slot. Keep it in your inventory and swap it out for another console if you need to use it (or just get 4 ranks in diplomacy and you will be almost there).

Nadeon Detonator - I'm not sure this console works with all the special torps you have on here. I'm sure it won't with some of them.

For weapons, I think you are going to find this takes a very long time to actually get your enemies shields down to where the torpedoes are useful. To make this worse, things like the Romulan Hyper Plasma Torpedo Launcher have an area effect (2Km or so) that will get you and your fighters if they are close to your target. I'd strongly consider dropping most of the torpedoes and using beam arrays. Perhaps go with Plasma Beam Arrays and keep the Romulan Singulaity Harness set? Add a couple of Plasma Infusers and you might be able to make some decent DPS (Especially with Scorpion fighters and a couple of the Romulan Embassy Plasma consoles). As it is, I think you will find your lack of manuverabilty and lack of things capable of dropping an opponent's shields will make this ship very frustrating to fly.

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02-28-2013, 05:24 PM
I think I"m hoping to use the proc abilities to get under the sheilds till I get a disable etc.

This has +13.xx base crit bonus from items(Anyone think with specilization it wil hit 20 or 25% chance for torps with the base?). bonuses for hits bypassing the sheilds etc. then wait till I can drop the sheilds itself and drop them completely while holding or something. Kind of a stealth hunter. The lasers were for side/rear defense. I'll try it out. I was hoping I got enough procs to make it usefull and kind of fun to try to take someone down with.

I'll look into the plasmas. I think one of them can use the procs. I've looked but I can't remember. If anything it gives me options. I Know the back one can use it IIRC so it can also be for defense. I think thinking all around abilities. Not expecting to always get the plasma stuff off. That's more for final kills or sneak attacks. Plus they are nice and spammy.

And I kept atleast half ADV caitian fighters because of it's procs. I was hoping to combine them to help make stuff easier to kill.

theta radiatio is purely for if I"m being rear ended. I put a mix of things to slow and hurt if they got my rear. Hence the Transport ability also. Then I can warp behind and hurt them.

And I need all the listed Efficiency to get 125 sheilds and get the bonus buff to defence types. If that doesn't work I'll need to rework it. It's like 125.65 or something if I found the information to calculate it correctly.

I should have 125(100) sheilds, 93(50) aux, 68.xx(25) weapons/engines. And atleast 15.xx base crit with just over or under 100% crit severity. The crit chance will go up with whatever else the Specialization adds which I'm very curious about. I'm assuming the main crit window doesn't show it because it is not blanket to all attacks.

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02-28-2013, 05:34 PM
Speaking as an avid lover of kinetic weapons, the Atrox is NOT a torpedo boat. Beams are ideal due to science ships getting subsystem targetting, but turrets can work fine as well. Chroniton mines will work for anything that gets too close.

For an Atrox I would suggest either focusing on speccing towards 'zone control'(grav well, tractor/repulsor beams, etc.) or healing/buffing others. It can work decently for a boss lockdown ship as well, but keeping and managing your distance is very important when you're that big and cumbersome.

Either the borg or romulan weapon set can work nicely on it(romulan being the better of the two due to the beam array and persistant tracking nature of the torps), but I suggest only trying to fit one of them, not both.

Console-wise, K.eep I.t S.imple, S.tupid. Resistance plates for engineering, shield regen(science ships have an innately high cap)/skill boosting science console.

Power-wise, I would advise priority to AUX over anything else. Emergency power to shields will power your shields while providing a great boost to the many science skills you'll be using. If you really want an 'attack mode', there's always aux2bat.
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02-28-2013, 07:27 PM
I read most of the build idea. Honestly, way too much novelty stuff going on there. What I suggest is...

For consoles, at least Mk XI Blue.
Eng Consoles: Borg Console + 2 Neutronium Alloy
Sci Consoles: Either Field Generators -or- Flow Capacitors (maybe -/+ threat)
Tac Consoles: Tetryon Pulse Generators

Fore: 3x Polarized Tetryon Beam Array (from New Link mission)
Rear: 2x Polarized Tetryon Beam Array + Kinetic Cutting Beam.

I recommend no torps. The Atrox only has 3/3 weapon slots and can deal more damage broadside with these beams than forward weapons, especially considering turn rate.

You might say, derp! Mk XI blue weapons from a mission? Well, they actually do more than the fleet versions, if you count shield damage. Polarized Tetryon weapons have 4x the proc rate of other tetryon weapons. I get ~700 shield damage per facing shield when it procs. That ends up being a bit under 3k shield damage total at a 10% rate x 5 weapons. The kinetic cutting beam helps vs hull, plus the bonus from the 2 part set with the borg console is very nice.

I suggest Omega space set. I know, it's not the best for tanking, but it does have Tetryon Glider from the 2 part of the set. Also, energy wake supposedly increases your turn rate when you are hit with energy weapons. Tetryon glider adds extra shield damage. It adds between 50-100 something extra -per hit- with energy weapons.

The Atrox has an awesome bonus to it, Advanced Stalker Fighters! They use tetryon, which helps with shield damage, but they also have Antiproton Sweep, which is an AoE that reduces enemy shields.

Here's the neat thing. Flow Capacitors! They increase the shield damage bonus from the Tetryon proc. They also increase the amount of shield damage bonus from the Omega set. It also increases the power of things like Energy Siphon, which is nice to increase your power levels -and- of course, Tachyon Beam and Subsystem Targeting drain.

The Atrox is uniquely set up for massive shield neutralization. It may not sound glorious, but when Tac Cubes lose shields in a matter of seconds, it helps -everyone- there do a lot more damage. Comparing the DPS from the Polarized Tetryon beams to Fleet ones, the Fleet version was ~10% more dps. Having 4x the shield proc more than pays off imo.

You may only be getting in the lower 700 dps ranges for the beam's direct damage, but it is very noticeable to the group when enemy ships have no shields after a matter of seconds.

I know your goal was some sort of torp build, but it really does not work well, especially with 3 weapon slots. I tried all sorts of combinations with cruisers(4 slots) and torps, but it never paid off. The goal of having crazy shield power and being a super tank still needs some work I'm afraid. Just keep a Reverse Shield Polarity/Tac Team ready in case you get overwhelmed. That should buy you the time to switch to shield power and use Evasive maneuvers to zoom zoom away. This build works quite well in Hive. This setup has proved capable of doing the other roles in STF missions too. Adv Stalker Fighters add a nice bit of damage, even if your ship itself isn't the highest around, the total is enough.
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03-01-2013, 02:52 AM
Advanced stalkers are useless in every way their antiproton sweep is laughable

Flow capacitor rating does not effect subsystem targeting in any way
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