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02-28-2013, 01:01 AM
I have some friends who are absolutely convinced that Science characters are the greatest healers of STO pvp, despite being in a fleet with engineer healers who are absolute bricks and healing number machines. These friends presumably get their information from another group of players whom I suspect they respect just a bit too much (no names), and as a result anything these people say becomes their gospel.

As one of the stronger science players, I am encouraged to take up this healing role, and cast aside the previous science build and ship which got me the respect as a sci to begin with.

After a couple weeks in this role I hace decided that I have no business in a healing role as a science character (Recluse) which good teams and players make no mistake in telling me by blowing me to hell when they realize I am the healer.

Sure, I can put up healing numbers in the millions against an average pug group, but as soon as I am faced with skilled players, I get shot out of my Recluse like it was a T3 BoP. I have never ever seen an engineer get canned so handily.

Am I doing something wrong? Are Science healers the best in pvp? Should I have a temporal science ship?

Post a recluse science healer build if you think so, or tell me to roll an engi if I want to pvp heal. Which I dont, but I was called upon to do so.
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# 2
02-28-2013, 01:13 AM
In the past, engineers made the best healers because they were able to stay alive well and had natural synergy with cruisers. Since the FAW nerf and the release of the Recluse science captains rule the roost for healing. Science fleet is an infinitely better team resist than eng fleet, scattering field saves lives, and nuking an APA + GDF combo will likely do more for your team than any kind of healing. The recluse is bar none the best healing platform in the game. The Wells and Vesta are also very good, but fit more offensive roles.

To me it sounds like you have a good healing setup and your team is letting you down with a bad composition, a lack of team work, or both. Your team should have other healers that can help you when you get focused. If they're expecting you to do all the healing for the team, then that is a major structural weakness and it's no wonder organized teams exploit it by focusing you.

A good team comp would look something like:

-You in your recluse.

-Two other science captains, more offensively focused, either in Wells or Vestas, that should set up to have around 80% of your total heal capability each.

-Two tactical captains in escorts, or one tacscort + one sciscort.

Feel free to post your build if you're looking for a critique.

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# 3
02-28-2013, 01:42 AM
EngT1 EPtS2 ES2 AtSIF3
EngT1 EPtS2 ES2
HE1 TSS2 SciT3

Im not happy about 4 Team skills sharing the same cooldown, but sci team is absolutely necessary (3 for Scramble3 etc), there arent any better choces for eng ensign, and an ensign tac is pretty useless. I change between TT1 and HY1, depending on the experiment.

the heals are there, but i get smoked when i am focused, while I have seen engineers get trained and laugh it off.

I havent decided on weapons, I have respecced a few times already, between a Cannon/turret Tetryon shield stripper, Transphasic torp/mines, or Plasma Torpedo. None seen to do much damage, with the tansphasic pulling ahead by a bit, but doing terribly in any pve content, which is kind of hard to swallow since my vesta can afk auto fire on elite more wile my Recluse takes a half hour to do a 5 minute job on Normal mode.
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# 4
02-28-2013, 02:43 AM
Like hurlybird mentioned, a sci can by debuffing opponents, be more effective in healing, because you need less of it.

With your setup, using cmdr engineer, you have slightly over capacity on engineering abilities. In this case i would aim even more on debuffing your oponents with your most important heals ST3 and AtoS3. They have to be available every 15 seconds. So for debuffing your opponents, you can add aceton beam.

Also add tractor beam for cc. In a way this also debuffs your opponents because they have less uptime of their dual heavies. In fact, you can use tractor beams also for your own defence.

Your build will consist of mainly torpedo's and maybe mines so you can run high aux power. For your tactical ensign, you can think of a torpedo spread with chroniton torpedo's for even more cc ("DHC downtime")

my suggested setup would be this:

EptS1, ES1, AB1, AtoS3
EptA1, ES1, AB1
(or RSP2, if you are still killed too easily)
HE1 (or PH1)
TB1, TSS2, ST3

Doffs needed: 2x damage engineer to cycle EptX powers and 2x lab scientist to reduce CD of ST3 to 15 sec.

However, in my opinion wells is a better healer, because you can run it without any tac abilities and it has its own "oh crap" button. And faster/more manouverable, but no pets....
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# 5
02-28-2013, 02:43 AM
I'd go with something more like:

EPtS1, RSP1, ET3, Aux2Sif3
EPtS1, ES1, ES2
TB1, HE2, TSS3

With maintenance engineers to bring the ET3 down to 15 seconds.

Have your tacs run double tac teams, and have the two other sci/sci run two copies of ST (or run the development lab scientists to get them down to 15s)

Running different types of team abilities is inefficient. Ideally Each team member should be min-maxed into one type only.
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# 6
02-28-2013, 02:53 AM
Originally Posted by rudiefix1 View Post
Doffs needed: 2x damage engineer to cycle EptX powers and 2x lab scientist to reduce CD of ST3 to 15 sec.
Damage control doffs are horrible even with two different powers and 2 VR variants. I would never use them on any serious build.

I've tried them and they are completely unreliable. Biggest waste of EC I've made in this game.
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# 7
02-28-2013, 10:30 AM
I fly everything. Even in my escort when i see my healer being focused on I throw what little heals I have on them. If we're not focused on attack but saving our healer I'll throw my heals then try to buff up and strike one of the aggressors.

Throwing just a tac team on your healer can make a huge difference.

PvP is a team game.
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# 8
02-28-2013, 01:57 PM
I'm trying to run as a healer in a Vesta. I can deal moderate burst damage, less sustained, but I'm usually able to keep all of my healing abilities on cooldown in long fights. I've found that my role as healer usually comes through best in PvE as I'm able to keep teammembers alive against strong Borg targets and I'm able to crowd-control NPC swarms.

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