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# 1 Firstly thank you
03-31-2013, 04:57 AM
To everyone who has taken the time to post information up here on the forums with regards to how to use the Foundry
In creating my first foundry mission I did come across many obstacles to which I found the answers in various posts and on one occassion asked and the info was very quickly posted.
So again thanks, your time is greatly appreciated.

Ok so I have finished my first mission its in two parts and it bounces off of the film First contact.
The Borg I personaly have always found fascinating, their relentless mission to create what they see as perfection, stopping at nothing to achieve their goal is a frightening thought. Anyway when Q introduced them to us in 1989 (I think thats correct) I was sold.

The foundry has given me a oppurtunity to express my imagination I hope you can take the time to take a look.

Part 1

Where one man has gone before.
Author- Admiralburk
Min level 41
Faction Fed
Estiated time to complete 45mins

Starfleet have been monitoring a Borg Fleet in the Chulan system for two weeks, the fleet is large and if put on the offensive would cause a very serious situation.

Admiral Shekaris ( Fleet Admiral) > Why do they just sit there? - waitng, doing nothing. I should act! and yet I know I cannot, not until their motive is clear.
I have lost to many good captains and crew to this machine called the Borg, will they never stop. I must wait.

Part 2

Min level 41
Estimated time to complete 25mins

What was just a theory has now become a fact. The Borg have abducted Admiral Shekaris and its down to the Vulcans to put the pieces together to find out how.
The Cube is badly damaged and on the run.
Your mission - you must get him back.

I am on the learning curve so i am sure that there are elements that can be improved.
The foundrys a great tool thanks for the oppurtunity.

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