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# 1 Chimera Build Advice
11-11-2013, 02:59 PM
Its me again since you guys on the forums were very helpful with my odyssey Build (works great btw now thank you) i have come to ask for advice on my latest build my chimera.

Now im guessing most people use cannon on this ship but i prefer beams and i would much rather prefer to use Phaser over antiproton (despite them being better) im hoping to make this a good beam build but require advice on several things.

1st the commander uni slot

I originally used a tactical in the slot but the beam load out isn't a great choice and they seem to share cooldowns i considered adding a sci but since i haven't speced into the VA bonus aux skill tree i choose eng i would change it willingly but cant find the right build for that slot yet so stuck eng for simple usefulness.

2nd consoles

I have tried to pick useful ones and i think the rcs gives me a slight boost to turn but not 100% sure if it necessary im also not sure if i should move the dynamic system into anouhter slot and stick another phaser boost in there (though haven't tried so not sure if it can be moved).

Now i am aware that my weapons deflector impulse ect arnt great but have only just hit 50 so havent started the omega grind or have enough for fleet items yet but any advice on them is also appreciated.
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# 2
11-11-2013, 04:12 PM
I use a combination build on mine:

2 Phaser DHCs, a Quantum Torpedo and a Phaser DBB fore.
2 or 3 Phaser Turrets w/ an optional Quantum Torpedo aft.

I use Beam Overload with the DBB to help pop shields quickly and Canon Rapid Fire with the cannons and turrets. Early on I used one of the universal slots to go Tac heavy and include Torpedo Spread and Cannon Volley Fire but it lacked healing and buffing abilities that left the ship pretty fragile.
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# 3
11-20-2013, 08:24 AM
3 dbb and one quantum Torp fore, 2 beam arrays and one tricobalt aft. Dispersal pattern beta 3, faw 3, Torp Spread 2, faw 1.

Lt Cmdr Sci, gw1 plus HE, can't remember ensign power. Something like that, works quite well.
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# 4
11-20-2013, 11:27 AM
Stick with 4 phaser consoles since you're using the phaser lotus or death blossom as I like to call it. I think you should try all Beam arrays with the borg cutting beam in back + the assimilated console. Drop the torp so you can up your FAW to BFAW2 or APB1.

Also you could try switching the AUX2SIF to an Aux2damp and equip the damage reduction doff. This will make you tankier AND improve turn rate
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# 5
11-20-2013, 12:37 PM
I think the Chimera works well with Aux2Bat builds, if you have the three Technician DOffs available.

If you're using DBBs/Arrays or DBBs/Turrets:

Lt Eng: EPtW1, Aux2Bat1
Lt Cdr Uni (Eng): EPtS1, Aux2Bat1, RSP2/DEM2
Cdr Tac: TT1, TS2, FAW3, APB3/APO3
Lt Sci: TSS1/PH1, HE2
Ens Uni (Tac): TT1

With RSP2 on global cooldown, your shields won't ever drop. TSS isn't really going to help much if you drop Aux, which is why we take HE2 instead of HE1. HE won't heal much with low Aux, but HE2 will give a little more - two piece Borg set is recommended as a result. Given how weak TSS could be from low Aux, PH1 might be more helpful. PH isn't dependent on Aux, and aside from the mobility you'll help keep your hull up. The Ens Uni is Tac purely for Superior Romulan Operative, with a backup TT1 in case Aux2Bat hiccups. Put in something else if you like, though nothing really comes to mind.

Personally, I would prefer cannons, using 1 Quad Cannon (because they look awesome), 2 DHCs, and 1 Photon Grav Torp fore, with 2 turrets and the KCB aft. Then you'd go CSV3 and TS3 with APB1 instead. Combine that with the Phaser Lotus and you end up with a rather nice kill zone, though I feel Phaser Lotus is only really useful for Engineering Captains (because they can fire off a Nadion Inversion right before Phaser Lotus, to offset the drain).

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# 6
11-20-2013, 09:36 PM
As a "Heavy Destroyer", the Chimera is basically a less durable, more agile version of the current Avenger Battle Cruiser. The main difference is that it has more tactical bridge seating and a higher turn rate. This makes it good both for beams and cannons. The only thing that could be regarded as a "limitation" is that the Phaser Lotus is a Phaser weapon, so to get the most out of it you need to mount Phasers in your other slots, and Phasers aren't at the top of the class for raw damage potential (currently Romulan Plasma and Antiproton rule the roost).

I normally run my Chimera as a straight DHC cannon boat since most of my Phaser-based weapons are cannons (I have a number of old anti-Borg weapons and Andorian Phasers), but I can see the appeal of going with beams whenever the Fleet version comes out (i.e. when my Fleet hits Spire 1).

If you don't mind underpowering your Phaser Lotus, you can also slap a bunch of Antiproton Dual-Beams on there, and in the rear slots add the Omni-Directional AP Array, Kinetic Cutting beam, and a turret/rear torp/mine launcher in that 3rd slot. Then you'll have a good tactical ship with a nice accuracy bonus (thanks to the tactical mode skill boost), with more turn rate than the Avenger and as much tactical options as an escort.

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# 7
11-26-2013, 02:39 AM
I have come to hate Aux2batt on escorts (chimera + steamrunner). The 30% reduction is imperfect and even double batteries don't fire quite often enough to double down on each cooldown, and you're left with a lot of down time on abilities that you just don't get when you double up on buffs like normal. Cruisers don't notice it because FAW global is 20 seconds instead of 15, but it's just painfully inelegant for cannon ships. You also barely get to really use the engi since you have to dedicate so much to running A2B.

That said, the Chimera is a wonderful ship for abusing other cooldown doffs to free up the universal stations. My favorite is TT1 + TT1, CRF1, CRF2, APB3 with 3x zemok jenro reducing APB by 45%. Expensive, but chaining a top level APB that rivals captain abilities for resist debuff magnitude and a completely free universal, which I like to run as science with GW and other goodies, are very worth it. You could also use cannon cooldown doffs with one cannon power and 2x APB, which I think might be cheaper to get, but since cannon doffs are chance based instead of a reliable cooldown percentage like zemok, and because a chained APB3 is much more significant than being able to chain CRF3, they are inferior.

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