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02-27-2013, 02:01 PM
Originally Posted by dravenleeobarr1 View Post
Lawdy, lawdy......the game is going to Hades in a grocery cart. The time has come for me to *gasp!* agree with a Panda!! I know, I know....saw a pale horse, and on it's back, sat a Merc with a Taco and a.....Mexicany....hat...thing...round...with the balls dangling off...YOU KNOW WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT!!!

Doomsday, I tell you....Doooooomsday.....

Seriously though, Naz has a point. I can get behind what he is saying. Especially the "Basic Skill Tree/Advanced Skill Tree" thing, where a player can choose their "basic" role, and then, when the player feels comfortable with it, open up the "advanced" skill tree. Kinda like when you customize your toon or ships look and have the option of "basic" or "advanced" choices. The only information about PvP today is given or generated by the players/veterans, and that is through primarily the forums. PvP Boot Camp has done an excellent job of spreading basic information, but so much more information can be learned or conveyed with a bit more descriptive tool tip or a tutorial of sorts, with "copies" of some of the PvP strategies that are in common use today.

All in all, more information needs to be available to new players in all aspects of the game, more so in PvP (other than TOOLTIP: ARENA: First to 15 wins! / TOOLTIP: CAPTURE & HOLD: First team to reduce opponent's resources to 0 wins!) That information needs to come from two sources, and the primary source SHOULD be from Cryptic, with the players guiding, informing and supporting newer players along the way.
Dont sound so surprised.....
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02-28-2013, 06:23 AM
ALl of these are good ideas. With a UI update coming soon(tm) now is a good time to put them on the To-Do list for may.
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