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I'd like to suggest a few small UI changes that I believe would greatly improve quality of life;

1) Multi-Tab the Replicator. People who play the DOFF system often need to replicate commodities, and it's annoying to always have to scroll down past dozens of food items.

2) When claiming a ship from the C-Store that we already have, rather than just displaying an error message, drop an extra copy of the special items (weapons, consoles etc.) from the ship into the character's inventory. We can dismiss and re-claim our ships to get multiple items (such as if we wish to equip all of our ships with the Regent's Torpedo Launcherm or give a ship a full set of retro phasers from the TOS Connie), but if we are actually using that ship then it messes up our BOFF layout, paint job, name etc. It would make it much easier to manage our many ships, and wouldn't allow us to do anything we can't already do with a whole bunch of clicking.

3) Allow us to select the ship to edit in the ship tailor. Currently we can only modify the current ship. If I wish to edit another ship (or even check it's paint job for reference when designing a foundry mission) I need to select it. This means that my power tray will get completely scrambled unless I follow an extremely precise set of steps (beam into space, beam back to the station, select original ship and make sure BOFFs are in the correct seats).
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03-13-2013, 02:54 PM
The main quality of life suggestion is to actually get real support when a person sends a ticket for a problem instead of a template answer.

I haven't been able to alter the appearance of my Fleet Excel since I purchased it more than three months ago, several tickets, one response that it was sent to QA and a month -and-a-half later nothing since. I've even sent tickets asking if this is a common problem (being that I haven't seen it listed as an issue that they are aware of), no answer at all.

I sent a ticket asking the get just the dilithium from the winter mission and there answer was to delete the mission and re-do it (after Winter Wonderland ended). I would have been okay with a "too late to retrieve" or something, but a template answer that made it sound like they didn't even understand what the problem was is not helpful.

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