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I think I saw another post asking about this in reference to "doffjobs" out of spite and reticence, but my request is serious.

Our fleet is over a year old, and the cross-faction channel that we use for our fleet and friends of our fleet has 1 owner and 2 admins and a handfull of ops, and due to the age of our fleet the channel owner no longer plays STO and the admins have less and less time to devote to the game and the time between visits online is moving into the seasonal range.

I know that a solution is to build a new channel, buit we have over 400 members in our chat channel and would like to see if any alternates to a channel migration would be possible in order to reduce the possibility of losing people in the transition.

I've tried searching, but haven't found any documentation describing if PWE/Cryptic could assign a new owner or what such a process would be. Please help with any advice/solutions you may have, thank you.

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