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03-01-2013, 04:50 PM
Originally Posted by thissler View Post
Yes. Yes you are. But to your credit they don't tank like cruisers at all. Perhaps there is some confusion over the use of the word tank. When someone says "speed tank" it means they are pumping up defense to the point where shots miss them often. You can get yourself into the range of being missed 55% of the time.

That's significant.

Honestly, I don't think that I am doing it wrong.

I know what speed tanking is, although I am missing one trait which I will re-trait when I can.

It's that certain ships are equipped with very exclusive/overpowered gear... in the case of the bug ship that's on top of already overpowered impulse and turning...

My main point is that RNG and equipment gaps make for a lackluster PVP experience when it comes to competitive play. Yet, this is the type of game play that STO has when it comes to PVP, so it is what it is.
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Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot View Post
most targets have 66% up time for FOMM's and APB's debugg, and a team mate will useually spot someone if the see it not cleared immediately.

the disruptor proc, i found something interesting about it earlier. it issues a general debuff to knetic and all energy type armor, but it also gives a second stack to disruptor resist debuff. thats generally enough to put someone into negative resist for your disruptor.

the fleet elite disruptor debuff shield resistance too, so when people start getting those, the kdf will have a field day. i doubt theres a more critical stat then shield resistance, something that can finally debuff that will be amazing.
Got them already, they work great, at first I wasn't sure if it was worth giving up weapons with more acc/crit mods for it, but seems like it is, at least just the turrets anyway.
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Originally Posted by freedumb4eva View Post
People who think that Escorts tank like Cruisers are insane...
indeed. tanking in a cruiser is just out healing damage, escorts mostly just avoid it.

escort tanking

step 1. gotta go fast, receiving incoming fire? its 25/50/100/25 time.

it doesn't mater what your doing, break off you attack and go full throttle, discontinue your backpedaling 4 DHC harassment. or adopt a weapons load out that needs 5 well timed seconds to kill, and be in fast mode whenever you arent attacking like that

step 2. locate incoming spike damage, and fly toward it, but go above or below it.

nothing can protect you from narraow arc weapons like the Z axis. save things like TT, evasive and APO only when you need it. if theres lots of sci around, i hope you got ET to shake off VM. at this point stopping is death

step 3. laugh at everyone shooting you. just keep cycling your heals, you can keep this up forever

if you notice the rest of your team has died, its time to GTFO though, you can indefinitely tank 3 people this way, unless they have a trick to stop your movement. a whole team will overpower you of course
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Originally Posted by freedumb4eva View Post
I'm doing it wrong but I've never tanked in an Escort like I do in a Cruiser without external buffs to my shield resistance/regen.


Maybe this is why some people seem to just plow through my shields...


my 2 cents ........
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