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Hello everyone.

I've been playing the game for some weeks and I like it.

Well, I have plans to aquire a Odissey and some others needs: more inventory space, maybe a Gold Member Lifetime subscription.

I'm from Brasil, so ... How works the purchase process? Can we purchase ZEN with "Real R$" like all player do with Dollars or Euros?
I mean, there's a cost of 0,01 Dollars per ZEN, I think is the same when purchasing with Euros, what about me here in Brasil?

Can i purchase ZEN with the same rate/cost or I'll by in R$ and the ZEN will count in U$? Like R$ 0,02 = 1 ZEN? (If this true, it's not fair, because I saw a lot of brasilian players out here).
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03-31-2013, 08:44 PM
Well that is simple, you use PayPal or Credit Card since if you want a subscription (Gold and Lifetime) its the only available payment options.

Zen per zen uses PW system that is used by all their MMOs ... I honestly cannot say because I use prepaid cards but doesnt seem to be a exchange charge, likely that is your bank or PayPal charging.

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