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# 1 Targeting Reference needed
03-02-2013, 02:51 AM
the resizing of the small crafts (fighters and shuttles) was a good move, but there still needs to be a targeting reference for locating and tracking small crafts in space. We are in starships with sensors capable of doing this, but their is no visual refernce (other than the dot on the two dimensional map.

Even today's radars and HUD displays provide a pilot with visual refernces, so how about the same thing for the visual reference in space. A simple box or bracket around a fighter formation (at a distance that eventually provides individual tracking when close up.

If this already exsits, then I must have missed it in the options list.
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# 2
03-02-2013, 03:45 AM
Hit Esc key, Options, Hud, Show friendly mine and fighter reticles > Always.
Show enemy mine and fighter reticles > Always.

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