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03-01-2013, 05:05 PM
Ah the Rommies.... Perhaps a new faction to off balance the "stagnate war" between feds and klinks.. perhaps a monumental let down.. we will see, high hopes are held.. but buying 2 more char slots better be rewarded ( a Romulan and a Reman????) maybe a Dred worth flying? (scimitar) we will see...

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Wait, I thought May was going to be when they released the new Cardassian/Dominion Faction? That's what the whole True Way and Featured Episode series was leading up to wasn't it?
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Originally Posted by brangel13 View Post
Always love reading the communities rage posts regarding "what about the Klingons, Romulans will be screwed up, Cryptic Sucks, PWE needs to burn in hell, etc, etc, etc" Same comments I've heard since launch, and yet these people... for some reason... feel compelled to still play this game.

While I've never played it, I've heard WoW may be your game of choice. You may now proceed with the Flame.
Flames? You should be applauded for having a clear view.
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A little confused though...It is March 1st 2013. 19:11:31:43.......and up on top is MAY. Last time I checked 19days from now is march 19-20th. Is there an addition subtraction issue I am suffering from? That still leaves the rest of March and April until MAY 2013. So when the timer expires I am to assume there is a trailer or sumptin like a teaser to be released for the MAY 2013 launch of whatver......
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See signature. Don't get your hopes up.
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Originally Posted by nierion View Post
I think "failure" is a little harsh. I personally think it's too early to add a Romulan faction when so many aspects of the game need to be addressed and the lack of STFs for Romulan Marks is one of them from my perspective. I feel that the KDF side still needs a lot of work, more depth added to the existing content with a decent amount of replay value that doesn't get you bored too quick and an update to the UI (especially for the Fleet System) I feel is still in need as it's very archaic IMO.

The fleet interface could really do with an update, such as being able to have more ranks, not be limited to one fleet mail a day. One of the things I am looking forward to is that on one of the recent interviews there was mention in regards to the character customization getting an update which may include additional items/features to add to your character.
The reality of MMOs is "move forward or die". Stopping to fix things creates a bored player base. Bored players have an annoying habit of quitting.

@ Found relic: that's not mini-faction that's pseudo faction. which would suck in many ways.

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Hmmm story speculation -- The Tholians have been abducting Romulan ships in the Nebula yes? So what do they do with the ones they capture?

Drag them across the barrier, and the Iconians press them into service, along with mind-controlled (and many willing) crews.

Possible... that the speculated invasion may be spearheaded by many such Romulan ships bolstered and backed up by the Iconians.
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next lockbox me thinks
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Originally Posted by admiralq1732 View Post
If so then they have failed. If it is a playable rommie faction i friend of my would return more to STO
I know several Klingon friends who would return if the KDF was finally a full faction as well though I do not think the Romulan faction is coming in may. I do believe the RSE is in the future for STO, just not yet. And I certainly hope not before Dstahl makes good on his word," not before the KDF is complete."
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Originally Posted by foundrelic View Post
Everyone seems to have forgotten the Mini-faction thing.

THis would allow access to the race and some of the ships and equipment, as well as a small group of story missions culminating in a single mission that gives you a choice, Fed or Klingon?
Oddly many think the KDF is a mini faction - even after three years....

In my heart I hope it is a Romulan faction as we been waiting on one since Cryptic took over STO. Nonetheless if there is not a substantial offering of KDF stuff if it is in fact a faction being added I think the community will implode to a degree like it never has before. Food for thought....

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