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# 1 Quiters in STF and the Penalty
03-01-2013, 02:40 PM
So I was playing STF earlier today and my team had gotten all the way to the last boss fight for some reason they decided to quit out thats when I noticed that if I too were quit I would get a 1hr ban. I personal think this is Bull crap because the mission requires at least three players. Am I wrong? Do they have set up to were the last to quit doesn't get a 1hr ban? If you know please let me know and if you would like you can give me your two cents on how you feel about early quitters. Heres a video of the message I got when I went to quit and proof that I was the last one left. http://youtu.be/RAzRuR2pElM
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# 2
03-01-2013, 02:51 PM
In SWTOR, when people quit a flashpoint (the equivalent of an stf), then the game auto-assigns a new player to it as soon as someone joins the queue. That way the members still in the group aren't forced to give up and start over just because someone left. Once, I joined a queue and immediately hopped into a group that was almost to the last boss. It was cool, I skipped all the boring parts of the mission and went straight to the interesting part. They were happy. I was happy. The guy who left and wasn't hated forever for it was happy.

I don't think a 1hr ban is ever a good idea. If someone rage quits, they aren't going to want to play the mission again anyway. If someone has a connection issue or glitch, then it's not their fault and punishing them is just adding insult to injury. -shakes head- I just don't think the bans are well thought out at all.
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03-01-2013, 02:58 PM
Don't believe everything you read.

After X time in the mission you can leave without the penalty, you still have the penalty warning, but it doesn't apply.

Also, when they quit early, a new player may be assigned to your STF, I'd say within 15 minutes of starting the STF, afterwhat quitter will not be replaced. Those with connection issues can sometimes re-log in the STF without penalty.

One of my arch-Nemesis is a honorless klink who will quit Infected Ground if the team is not 100% sure of making the optional, but he doesn't quit right away to leave the spot open for others, he will stay and insult the others as long as necessary and quit the STF after the penalty timeout is no longer in effect.

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