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03-02-2013, 09:55 PM
Dear reptilesbladex,

You are beating a dead horse. This has been a problem with the exchange for a long long time. It has been reported and complained about many many times.
It is best to use the search filters such as Rank, Rarity, specific category such as Personal Equipment>Personal Devices, etc. to get the cheapest prices in the results.
I'm sorry the exchange is broken and hopefully one day it will be fixed.

Someone who sympathizes with
with you.

P.S. If it ain't broke, Cryptic will break it. If it's already broken, Cryptic will break it even more. Have a nice day.
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03-03-2013, 01:38 PM
Originally Posted by reptilesbladex View Post
I would first like to start by saying if this is in the wrong place I am sorry but I am not sure where else it should go.

I love Star Trek Online. This is the first time in my life I have actually found a game that lets my live out the fantasies I had when I was a kid watching TNG. I have been a player for almost two years now and overall love this game.

The reason I am posting this is because I am having trouble with an anomaly I have discovered about the Exchange. I do not know if I am just doing something wrong, if this is a bug, or if it is working or rather not working as intended. The exchange appears to be giving completely different search results for the same items depending upon certain categories chosen. I am always searching for the same item on the exchange even in the same space station yet the prices do not match up. I will use Bateret Incense as an example because that is how I discovered this.

If you search for Bateret Incense under All with Any quality you get a single unit price of 50k and stacks up to a full 250 unit stack for 8 million.

If you search for Bateret Incense under All with Rare Quality you get a single unit price of 20k up to 60k with a handful of stacks of only two units. No stacks larger than that.

If you search for Bateret Incense under Commodities with Any quality you get a single unit price of 8,200 up to 40K a single unit with only a handful of stacks with only two units in them again with no larger stacks. (I was seeing a unit price as low as 7,500 but after logging out and back in I can no longer find it.)

If you search for Bateret Incense under Commodities with Rare quality you get the same thing again as with Commodities Any quality.

All of this was noticed at Earth Space Dock.

If I list something to sell, where does it go and how is that decided? There is nothing I see that lets you choose where your items get placed and under what categories when you list them to sell so it must be automatic or random. I have constant trouble listing items for days and even weeks at a time for what the Exchange is telling me is a low price and it will never sell. Even when something does sell it appears to be random. I am aware that things on the Exchange do not sell unless another player buys them. I know how it works, or at least is supposed to work, but that is not the results I am getting when I use it.

Any help or comments on this would be greatly appreciated.
I heard that the ALL search is for items that is about to be reterned to sender aka they been on the exchange too long and get put on the "ALL" tab to try to get them sold, if they dont sell on that tab (think its 3 - 4 days) they get sent back to the sender in there mailbox saying "Item expired"

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