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So I've been playing STO since it was released and haven't really got into it until this last fall. Boy am I into it...After playing for a while I noticed somethings that would improve the game and some notes from a few others, not sure if this is the best/correct forum but it would be great to hear back from some input either way as to there thoughts as well.

- Warp In/Out sounds should be at least somewhat different, i.e. difference between Galaxy/Sovereign Class Starships (think thats spelled right), Constitution and Excelsior and so on.

- Warp Cinematic Camera shot gets lost on alot of the various ships i.e. the camera shot is covering the saucer on an Oddy but the entire ship on the Constitution or Excalibur.

- Change colors of your ships name and number on the skin of the ship. You could use Black, Blue... red etc.

- Interiors should be a little more scale to the characters... some interiors look like your shopping inside Walmart or Lowes with the amount of space... very pleased with the Oddy Bridge much improved scale.

- Interiors have similar colors etc from your selected bridge.

- Capability of making the Officers Lounge/Meeting Room, Captains Ready Room, Captains Quarters, 10 fwd, ship lineage, ships plaque more, personal than they are. Add pictures, ships, accolades and more... again just ideas and can be a rewards system based.

-Bridge and Crew Officers that roam around the ship should be of similar uniform as the player. Plus the epic Bridge Screenshot with the same uniforms.

-Ranking Pins and Admirals Uniforms for WoK Uniforms.

- Free Camera Mode/Fly-by Camera Mode to take some epic screenshots i.e. in maintenance facilities, planets, space etc.

- Different Options for Fleet and UFP emblems on ships... maybe be able to pick different areas of the ship you may put it on.

- Zoom mode for small ships in the Shipyard are great... until you have to try and mod the windows on an Oddy or Sovie Class ship.

Again just some ideas but, I think it would enhance the game immensely and submerge you in the ST Expanded Universe a little deeper.

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