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I'd love to see the skill planner @

Be granted / blessed with the ability for people to load builds from their skill build pages saved to their account to say... a character for instance. It would require a confirmation of course; and with any luck this could possibly increase people's desire for Skill Respec Tokens.

Granted it's wiser to have a different character for a different role and cheaper to the individual; for those whom like to switch one particular character they have all their gear for; from one spec to another say (Full Space,/Full Ground/ Hybrid) as those are kind of the different layouts people mostly go for.... it could potentially be good for Cryptic's business and... in the process help some lazy fingers.... :-P

Or perhaps; have it go through the Gateway system that's being developed with an IMPORT feature from STO Academy Skill Planner to the Gateway system that way it feels more official etc.

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