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03-02-2013, 06:09 PM
So haven't logged in to STO for two weeks, other than maybe to increment doff missions, so give me a reason to log in. Last I heard fleet marks were removed from the foundry the last reason i had to play this game anymore and i'm a lifer. guess I wasted my money, i have zero motivation to play out the great grind anymore, so if anyone can pose a reason to play this game anymore I'm open to suggestions. Otherwise i'm waiting for neverwinter to go live since I have a founder pack for that.

Edit: yeah i guess i'll be back in may, but how long remains to be determined

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03-03-2013, 09:12 AM
Neverwinter Knights is a Perfect World game and they are going to follow their new STO model to a T. You will grind your little butt off there with little reward.

I bet your first game day on NW you will have at least 100 locked chests. And you will get a scrolling message every 5 minutes "UbberThor1234 has won +3 Vorpal Sword". Then you will find areas and missions that take 3 hours to do and you will earn 5 "elf ears" for the work.

You will hate it, as you will continue to hate everything that Perfect World touches. They in turn will continue to care very little because they know that you will keep right on paying them.

So I am sorry that life will never be the same and gaming will continue to go down hill. In a few more years all games will be 25 cents a minute to play just like the old NeoGeo arcades.

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03-03-2013, 09:46 AM
Originally Posted by claransa View Post
Last I heard fleet marks were removed from the foundry the last reason i had to play this game anymore and i'm a lifer.
They took the fleet marks away from the Foundry missions, and then gave them to basically all other group content except STFs and Vault missions. PvP wrappers finally got the Marks they've deserved, and Fleet Mark missions now give almost as many marks as a Foundry mission did, at a shorter turnaround time (you can play two FM queue missions within about half an hour, turning the 30 extra marks into 60... and even if you were running 15-minute Foundry missions, you had to wait another 15 for IOR to refresh). They also loaded up missions that used to qualify for the now-gone IOR with more dilithium, making them probably the best source of it outside of the Mining Claims and Contraband turn-ins.
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03-03-2013, 10:54 AM
I?m sorry to hear that you're unfortunately disappointed with Star Trek Online; however "I quit" threads are not allowed, this thread is now closed.
I hope you stick around for updates and return sometime in the future!

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