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So here we are, the first day of a long anticipated open beta. Its been somthing that we knew was coming for quite a while. Not only did we know, Cryptic HAD to know, because they are the ones that said it would be happening. I have been in launch days and beta opening days for many games. So my first impression of this launch day?


This new build so far, minus stability issues, seems real buggy. Whose genius level idea was it for quest text in group missions to be spammed to every member of the group every time someone hailed a ship captain or otherwise? I can say this wasn't a bug Sunday.

Im not sure if its stress on the server, but um, hey I brought my micro machine ship on my away team mission. I even boarded the Earth my ship.

I mean I know that Cryptic have had some issues with games, CO is mostly a ghost town, or populated by people who paid the 200 bucks to close beta test this game, so I know they dont have alot of experience with this sort of thing. I have to say tho that some things from a MMO developer have to be assumed they know. They have to know theres going to be the need to have more maps to load on after character creation from the open beta, it might as well be launch day seriously. Instead we get a "Oh sorry we didnt plan on that"

Add into the idea that the clown suits have returned, which to me and many others, is a total slap in the face to the Trek fans who have been saying thats a horrible idea ever since it was in the first time, but now here it is again.

Im ranting, I know. I dont want someone to think I have a sense of entitlement either, but I mean come on, these things they should KNOW as a company that produces online games. Its the little things. I know that there is going to be stability issues. But not enough map issues? Really Jack?
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01-12-2010, 01:39 PM
This isn't a bug report or workaround. Please put your rants in a more appropriate forum. Discussion.
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01-12-2010, 01:40 PM
I listed a couple bugs actually, please re-read the post.

Oh crap I forgot, Open beta brings on the Cryptic Fanboi syndrome. Cryptic vs. Trekker. This should prove to be interesting on the forums.

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