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# 1 DPS Confusion
03-21-2013, 09:18 PM
I'm a little confused about DPS (Damage Per Second)

It looks like it should be straight forward, but then I see things like:
Phaser Dual Cannons (Mk whatever) 122.9 Phaser Damage (163.9 DPS)
Plasma Dual Heavey Cannons (Mk whatever) 241.5 Plasma Damage (161 DPS)

The phaser deals less phaser damage, but slightly higher DPS
The Plasma Cannons deal significantly higher Plasma Damage but slightly lower (DPS)

I don't understand this. It seems to me the Plasma Cannon should deal considerably higher (DPS).

I obviously am not understanding something here. Can someone please explain?
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# 2
03-21-2013, 09:24 PM
You have to keep in mind that DPS means 'average' over time. So even if Plasma Cannons have greater 'burst' damage, their slower rate of fire brings down their average over time values...
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# 3
03-21-2013, 09:25 PM
Each weapon fires multiple times in its firing cycle, the timing and number of shots varies from type to type and affects the DPS. The dual cannons fire more shots with less downtime between cycles.

There's also some more obscure factors. Dual heavy cannons outperform dual cannons by 5-10% in combat log parsing, partially because of their boost to critical damage and partially because of quirks in how their firing cycles overlap when firing 3-4 of them.
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# 4
03-21-2013, 09:41 PM
Ahh! I get it now.
Thanks for the replies!
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# 5
03-23-2013, 11:44 AM
Is the shot info processed server side or client side in this game? In other words is there a reduced reload rate due to packet latency? Just coming from a game where this is a huge problem. Those closest to the server have up to a 40% advantage over players further away.
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# 6
03-24-2013, 08:22 AM
As with the majority of MMOs, they're handled server side, if you get a lag spike, you'll see all the damage appear to happen at once when it catches up, even if you tried to turn away.

They are animated cilent side, though, in certain cases you can see shots going off but not doing damage, for example if the target moves out of your firing arc during the lag spike - you'll fire at it the whole time with no damage, then it'll jump to its correct location.

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