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# 1 New mission: Carrera's Cost
03-04-2013, 06:02 AM
Still in review, just published it.

Name: "Carrera's Cost"
Level: 41+
Faction: Fed
Foundry description: "This is a self-contained story mission, it's not a part of any foundry series. It's combat heavy, with extensive space battles against the Borg and other enemies along with some ground combat and exploration. Dialogue and story are straightforward and can be paid attention to or ignored; the writing is decent, but if you're here to shoot first and ask questions later you'll do fine."

The description is meant to provide a hook without giving away story details, since I hate spoilers myself. I can't give a perfect estimate of run time yet; I can finish it quickly, but I made it so that doesn't count. My beta tester ran it in around half an hour without help.

Story wise, the mission starts in Eta Eridani and involves searching for a ship that Starfleet lost contact with. I constructed it to feel very much like the main story missions. Most of the dialogue is BOFF heavy, since I figure the player probably has more attachment to them than they do with random story NPCs.

Combat wise, you're looking at several space battles, some of which involve multiple factions at play. Most of the combat is staggered in such a way to allow breathing room, though there are a few deliberate curveballs to keep things interesting. There is ground combat, but I assumed most players would prefer to spend more time in space, and as such the ground sections are shorter. As with the space combat, there are multiple factions at play during the away missions.
Join Date: Feb 2013
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# 2
03-05-2013, 06:40 PM

Just got two volunteers to run the mission for me, partly to narrow down the run time. They did it in about forty minutes without rushing things.

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