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Ok, the following thread and related missions are part of an experiment I did before in the MA over in CoX, it was fairly well recieved over there and I want to see how popular it'll be over here with the enhanced toolset over what I had to work with there.

The SIU missions are what I call community investigation missions, throughout this thread and the SIU missions, you the community, will be the ones to work out what happened in the mission rather than have it spelled out to you via contacts and BOffs.

So what will this entail, simply put you will go into the missions and gather the clues, you will then come to this thread and piece together the clues, give questions for witnesses/suspects and eventually form a conclusion with the assistance of your fellow players before discovering if you were correct or wrong all along.

So what are the rules of this game?
  1. The forum rules must be followed at all time, here and on any external sites created to assist with this (I had a blog where I'd post images relating to the missions in CoX)
  2. The next mission will not be created/released until an agreement on how/where to proceed is reached by all players, this can be through discussion or through voting.
  3. The next mission will be released (Real Life issues pending) roughly 2-4 days following a decision being reached by the players. (I will endeavour to inform you if the mission may be delayed however.)
  4. You don't need to run the mission to play (the CoX version had 10 people playing but only 3 running through the missions), but if you want to run the missions then you will most likely need to sign up as a Reviewer.
  5. Sometimes SIU members in the missions will tell you that they'll have the information sent to you, the information will be posted either in this thread, or on external sites with links posted in this thread. However nothing will be posted in this thread unless you mention finding it to avoid early release of information.
  6. Respect your fellow players and their opinions.

Now for how to play, there are currently 2 SIU missions at the moment,

SIU 0 - Meet the SIU is an RP mission where you meet the regular characters you'll be interacting with during the SIU missions. (Think of them as a Federation CSI team)

SIU 1.1 - Murder On Mars is the first actual SIU mission.

This may not give ingame rewards, but these missions are meant to be quick and fun with most of the action taking place here on the forums, which most people can access from anywhere and don't need to be at their gaming machines to play.
Join Date: Jun 2012
Posts: 366
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03-06-2013, 06:18 PM
So nobody interested?

Not even a comment as too why not?

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