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(i don't know where to put this, with it being a cross-faction and all, so i'm just going to put it here unless the mods know of a more suitable place and move it)

Hi guys and gals,, I'm kinda torn between buying a Kumari, Vesta or Guramba Siege Destroyer, so I wanted to ask people who fly them already about them.

I started saving up my converted Zen ever since the Kumari came out, because I like the look of the ship, I like the look of that Tachyon ability the Science variant has, and Andorians happen to be one of my favourite Star Trek species.

The thing is, the closer I get to my goal of 2,500 Zen the more my thoughts turn towards the other two ships that have either been recommended-namely the Vesta-or have caught my eye-namely the Guramba Siege Destroyer.

The Vesta because I'm a Sci on the Fed side and that's currently the only ship that Science Captains get the best out of, or so I've heard. I've also been told I'm a vicious Science Officer in PvP ^_^.

With the Guramba Siege Destroyer I saw it on the Featured ship blog a while ago and the thing just grabbed my attention. The ability to switch between modes and that superpowerful and awesome looking mega weapon in Siege Mode, plus it's looks in general aren't all that shabby either. I play a Tactical officer on the KDF side.

So my questions are, what drew you to buying them in the first place? Did the ship in question meet, exceed or fall short of your expectation and why? If you have all three, which one do you fly the most and why? If you have all three, which is your favourite and why? What are the pros and cons for each? Which would you recommend? If the Vesta, which variant?
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Guramba Siege Destroyer- At the time it was one of the few non-klingon starships. It's a nice ship all in all. I still take it out every now and again.

Vesta- I've been wanting this ship since Beta, so it was obvious. All in all I really like it. It's a nice versitile light ship.

Kumari I got one cause I wanted a different escort, but it's entirely servicable when i want to get my escort on.

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03-04-2013, 01:31 PM
The kumari is a glass cannon. Nothing else. If you want DPS, and don't care for anything else, it's fine.
I don't have a guramba, but I plan to buy one using Dil with the next ship sale. However, I played several time with them, and they do quite a good DPS, and their super weapon to.
The vesta is a sci ship. A good DPS sci ship. If you want a more CC sci ship, go for a wells.

It really depend of what you want to do. Pure DPS : kumari. Sci and DPS, and maybe tank, vesta. Guramba is also DPS, but less than a Kumari.
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03-04-2013, 01:39 PM
I've been a science captain on my main since the beginning, but flew escorts. Once the Vesta was released I knew THAT was the ship I wanted. Beyond the specs and the like there was something about the look of the ship -- a sexy hybrid of the Intrepid and Sovvy. Way cooler looking than the Hermes I was in for what seemed like ages, the patrol escorts are not good looking ships.

With the Zen promo last week I opened up my wallet and bought the 3-pack. After fiddling with my set up I am really happy with it. It does respectable firepower -- the weapon setup is virtually identical to what I had in the patrol escort minus the quantum torp up front (which I sometimes miss).
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03-04-2013, 01:44 PM
Im a Sci captain and I usually stick with my Guramba for anything that requires power, I call it my "big guns". She is fast, maneuverable, and powerful.

Since I only play KDF I dont know anything about the Vesta or Kumari, save for the fact that nose to nose w/ the Kumari in PvP I can lance them out of existence before they can kill me.
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03-04-2013, 01:47 PM
Scared as I am (honestly) of the nerfcriers: The Vesta really sucks.
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03-04-2013, 01:56 PM
I have all three and I've been here since Beta.

The Kumari is by far the best of them IMO.

Guramba is fun, but the switching gimmick takes too long and the Lance is hard to aim as well as sharing CD with BA:O. It is also only on the poorly supported KDF faction only.

The Vesta is nice, but doesn't have much punch regardless of configuration. If they made the Aux Phasers usable on other ships they would be used and sales of this ship would increase.

The Kumari's Mega Cannon attack does not share a CD with anything. The Wing Cannons allow you to mount 7 forward weapons, the drones even fire when you have turned away and they are still facing an opponent. I even use the shield crushing attack on Tac Cubes with delightful results in Elite STFs.

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If you feel like an escort the Kumari is a good one. But has some "bugs" still. Its wing cannons go waaaaay down in dmg when using CRF making it completely unuseable weapon from that. From 5300 dmg to 1100. The dps goes up but you go from single shot doing 2.2k dmg to 4 shots doing 550 dmg. More shots more chances to crit but also more chances to miss.

Since the wing cannons have x4 dmg mod odds of critting are poor, but odds of missing are high. If they reduced the shots in CRF to 2 pulses not 4 it would be fine. If you want to use it in pvp, subspace jump + tractor beam + wing overload = dead enemy. If you tac buff it you can crit in 130k dmg range. The Tachyon burst is great if your skilled into flow caps, if your not its 2.2k drain if you are its 5.5k+.

Wing platforms are good when paired with the 3pc bonus. And the 2 pc +10% acc is pretty neat. But by far the best thing of the pack getting access to mk11 ACCx2 DMG andorian weapons from dil store. They are really MK12 weapons just labled mk11.

The vesta is an awesome sci ship, pair 3 aux cannons + grav well + scatter volley + tric mines with dispersal beta and chroniton mines. Can do some impressive stuff. If on a Tac captain fully buffed up its phaser beam is impressive. And its console heals are great for AOE team healing.

The garumba is one of the best KDF ships, but honestly if you can getting the Fleet Vorcha is the best option on KDF as a comparison.

BTW the kumari is suprisingly tough ship when set up right, i use the Tac version with least heals with my tac captain and i can take Elite cubes pretty easy. And if you pair it with a tank fleet galaxy buddy like i often do it can do amazing amounts of dmg when friend takes all your agro for ya. You need to be a good escort captain to pull off a good andorian ship, i see far far far more horrible captain in these then i can count. Yesterday i saw one barely able to kill probes in KA elite. Mean while i mowed down 2 cubes 2 transformers and my gate while catching probes. If you build it right it can have good survivablity. Build it wrong and poof.

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Originally Posted by thlaylierah View Post

Guramba is fun, but the switching gimmick takes too long and the Lance is hard to aim as well as sharing CD with BA:O. It is also only on the poorly supported KDF faction only.
Which is not a big deal, since with a guramba you probably use DHC.

The Kumari's Mega Cannon attack does not share a CD with anything. The Wing Cannons allow you to mount 7 forward weapons, the drones even fire when you have turned away and they are still facing an opponent. I even use the shield crushing attack on Tac Cubes with delightful results in Elite STFs.
On the other hand, the mega cannon have a 3s before shooting, and drain your weapon power (you need a battery/EPtW or loose DPS).
For a damage output not superior to the guramba lance.

The shield nuker is better, but if you need it to remove a borg shield, you have a DPS issue.

The Kumari consoles are just a gadget, they are not really worth it. The DPS is not really good from them, even including the pets.

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The Guramba is an effective PVE ship, but is meh in PVP. The Death Star laser gimmick is just that. It's a nice finisher, but isn't really a practical weapon when you're under fire. The ship is pretty good in general though - an abundance of tactical boff seats makes this an interesting ship to fly. Survivability is one aspect which is lacking (but that's just the opinion of a mostly Engi captain )

The Vesta is a fantastic ship in PVE. With the three Aux cannons in fore and all power to Weapons or Auxiliary, this ship is fantastic at dealing out damage. The only concern is the fragility of the hull, and the sacrificing of engineering capabilities if you want to have significant amounts of damage output. This is why I usually don't fly this ship in PVP, although I have had some recent success when flying it on my Science captain.

The Kumari... not much to say here. I beat it in my Dreadnought four times in a row.

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