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03-05-2013, 12:29 PM
Originally Posted by praxi5 View Post
Only if you're doing it wrong...

The Vesta is the Besta.
Since you seem to have missed it. The the whole point of him mentioning being afraid of nerf criers is because he agrees with you and thinks the vesta is the best and he didn't want to say anything or it might get nerfed. =)

On a totally different topic... GAURAMBA RULES!

I got one a while back and I love it. It's beautiful, plenty powerful, and fun.

I agree that the transformation takes too long, also it de-activates the ability to use some buffs and powers while it is happening which makes it even more annoying.

That said, I often run entire battles in attack mode without using the javelin simply for the extra weapon power and so I move a tick slower while using attack pattern omega and evasive maneuvers.

While the javelin is a bit of a gimmick weapon, it is fun to hit a borg tactical cube for a 90k+ crit. Or to kill some frigates with a single hit. Although I do think the damage range on the power is a bit crazy. Some hits against the same enemy land only for about 12k and others all the way up into the mid 90s. o.0

Bonus points: my fleet is the Arachnos Armada and it looks spidery.

I love my gauramba. It's captain has occasionally been caught sneaking out in an EVA suit to the hull and hugging it whispering "precious my precious" over and over. Which creeps the hell out of my telepathic lethean science officer.
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03-05-2013, 04:49 PM
I've got the vesta pack and the kumari pack. I enjoy them both, but the kumari is basically all about dps. Vesta is more versatile, with more options.

I've considered picking up the garumba, but mostly that's based solely on appearances.

In terms of klingon Tac ships, I think that the mirror qin raptor is about as good if not better than all the other klingon options. Why spend your hard earned dil/zen, when you can just get a mirror qin cheap for EC off the exchange?

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