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can you guys can give me a feedback about my build?

i keep full power in aux.
plus i have 22% more dmg from accolades.
i don't do pvp, and my pve is focused on elite STFs.
i know the engineering consoles are not the best for STFs, i think i need to change them for kinetic and plasma resistance.
my biggest concern is that should i run with 2 DHCs and one torp or to keep the 3 DHCs?

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03-03-2013, 05:57 PM
I think you should keep the DHC and play to the Vesta's strengths.

With the Borg set, 3 vesta consoles and 2 tac teams, you should be fine for health. I use 2 RCS consoles myself. But I know you probably want to keep all of your toys in there. Particle generators are there to boost grav well,TBR and the isometric charge damage.

If you can afford 3 attack pattern doffs, your attack pattern omega will be (almost) on global. Who doesnt want a global Omega? Its such a good power. Breaks tractors, boosts defence, turn, speed and damage.

Your turrets and the tetryon glider wont be doing much damage since they are based on weapons power. You dont have any flow capacitors anyways for the tet glide. In STFs, I think tricos are great since there are so many unshielded targets.

Your skill tree was quite inefficient. Less "9s" in the right columns means that you can spec into more skills. Threat control and hull plating will give you more resistance. If you dont have the respec token, thats fine. The build is the important part.
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03-03-2013, 09:38 PM
thank you for the replay.
i like the idea of the omega pattern, you are right. this ability should not miss from my build.
the skills i think i ll drop some 9s for improving the patterns atack and maybe more weap power. i don't want to go in the threat 'cuz the defence bonus is not worth it if you make too much threat, but i'll make more research about this.
for the consoles, i used the RCS too, but the turn rate doesn't botter me and i went for more ressistance. i tried to use particle generators for my GW and isometric charge, but the bonus is too low. 2 particle generators consoles granted me only like 200more dmg for GW. i know 200dmg from there make become more with omega activated and if i use the doff for batteries i can get an extra 10% more dmg from weap battery, but i prefere more the resistance consoles. in stfs i allways got agro with my scater and GW and the plasma dot is very anoying.
tnanks again for you feedback it was very helpfull

If we all live in boxes doesn't mean that my box is the same color as yours
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03-04-2013, 07:59 AM
I would use this one, but you may be reluctant to does drop the 2 defensive Vesta consoles.

Its not hard to live without them, but I know the Vesta pack is expensive. CPBIII gets you 4000 AoE damage to all facings. Borg dont spec into power insulators so all damage is damage gets through. Couple that with GW and CSV and you can kill stuff pretty quick. I consider 4800 dps on ISE as a sci/sci pretty decent, all the while healing your team mates and holding stuff together will GW.
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03-05-2013, 02:26 AM
Power Insulators is useless in PvE.

Subsystem Repair is useless.

Starship Batteries is questionable.

I wouldn't max out Batteries, Particle Generator, Impulse Thrusters, Starship Manuevers or Hull Plating. If you run Emergency Power to Shields, you should have points in EPS.

Your Engineering Consoles are not the best choices. Kinetic damage is what kills you in STFs, and the only kind of energy damage in STFs is Plasma. I would recommend either 1 Monotanium + 1 Electroceramic (which gives the same resistance in STFs as 2 Neutronium, at a small fraction of the cost), or 2 Monotanium.

For your BOff set-up, if you are running maximum Aux and 2 Tactical Team, I would replace Engineering Team with Aux2SIF.

In addition, I would put an Engi with a second Emergency Power to Shields in the Universal Ensign Slot, change Polarize Hull 2 to Polarize Hull 1 on the Commander, and put Hazard Emitters 2 where Polarize Hull 2 is now.

Then you keep Emergency Power to Shields up continuously, spam an Aux-boosted Aux2SIF every 15 seconds, and have a good backup heal and hull cleanser with HE2.

And then you also spam TacTeam every 15 seconds, without worrying about putting your heals (SciTeam + EngTeam) on cooldown.

Attack Pattern Omega I is fairly weak, even with points in Attack Patterns (which you don't have). Consider Attack Pattern Beta instead, which buffs your whole team's damage.
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03-05-2013, 06:56 AM
I run mine with 3 DHC Aux cannons up front and absolutely love it. With scatter volley you can put out some really solid DPS with this ship. For the rear I went with 1 turret, Transphasic Cluster Mine torpedo and a Rapid Fire Transphasic launcher. Only one turret because with the way this ship turns it's easy to keep targets in your fore weapon field of fire. I'm not sure what it is lately, but seems Transphasics got a buff somewhere and are doing decent damage even through shields. The Cluster Mine can get you some nice burst damage to with unshielded targets. I've noticed that if you pop a Grav well and get a cluster mine off you can fully destroy 2-3 ships at once with it even if they are around full hull strength.

I only have the science Vesta though so don't have all the Vesta consoles, can't really comment on that. I use the Tachyokinetic Converter and Borg Consoles though for the nice boost to crit chance and crit damage.

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