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# 1 game won't load.
01-12-2010, 01:56 PM
Hello, I run the game (out of game login screen comes up) I log in click on the engage button screen goes black cryptic splash screen comes up but with no loading bar and the windows blue circle, circulates, splash screen does not change. So I ctrl alt and delete to invesitage in taskmanager. instead of task manager splash comes back but this time with loading bar and the light grey bar has shifted (does not shift before my eyes though). I ctrl alt and delete again and the cryptic emblem goes and the loading bar is up the top of the black screen but again, not moving (although moved to half way, more than before). I ctrl alt del again and this time I get hold of the task bar but it says star trek has stopped responding. So I end the task. Same happens all the time. I copied the live folder to a spare loc on my pc and uninstalled the game. reinstalled the game and copied the contents of the live folder back again. Same proceadure occurs but hey, wait! I get the star trek symbol and the game loads. Now, I am having trouble connecting to the game server (which is acceptable considering the load its taking). So I exit to tidy things up on the desktop thinking, that's ok I can load it again now. Load it again and I get the same proceadure as before black screen cryptic logo, no load bar etc etc. I change to window mode so I can see what task manager is doing whilst the cryptic black screen is up and as soon as it comes up it stops responding. Help would be greatly appreciate. CAn't wait to play.

System details.

Nvidia Geforce 8600 gts
Intel core 1 cpu 6600@ 2.40ghz and 2.39ghz
4gb Ram
windows 7 32 bit operating system
Direct x 9.0c or 10 I think. Not less though.

Look forward to your replies.
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# 2
01-12-2010, 02:00 PM
DId you try updating your graphics driver? I know sometime this can be the issue.
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# 3
01-13-2010, 05:50 AM
Many thanks for the reply. Will try later this evening and fingers crossed, this will work.

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