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Hi Dev Team!

I'd like to suggest opening up all starbases to passing ships of the appropriate alliance in Sector Space.

What I mean by this is, there are currently some places in Sector Space designated as starbases, like Starbase 157 in Eta Eridani and Starbase 234 in Tau Dewa, that allied ships have no 'base' access to.

Could we have a generic base generated for these areas? (using the same map layouts and 'no name' NPCs for all of them). Simply adding an additional button under the Sector Space System Description saying, "Would you like to visit the Systems starbase?" This applies to all systems that have a base imbedded in them and for all factions (Kilingons as well).

Of course those systems that already have a specifc starbase map for a mission there could use those maps.

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