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I'm sure some of you will remember a previous thread of mine which was closed because of flamers (glad the Mods spotted it) Well i have another issue with STF. Same game, different issue.

So this morning, I Quick joined a Conduit Elite STF mission, and when i joined, i noticed that the match was not only already half way through, but the optional was already failed. It was an embarrassing sight, noob fed ships (they really were) flying around a Transformer with the ever continuous swarms of nanite spheres coming out. i tried to battle if out, but then i realised it was me vs all the nanite spheres. The other ships actually tried to pointlessly kill the transformer whilst i was occupied but that didn't work obviously.

I could see that i was going to be in this game for a looooong time, so i decided to quit (like the players before me obviously did) and i get a leaver penalty.

Now rather than rage, i had an idea. Initially, most of you would think this is a really bad idea, but i will explain my reasoning.

I have observed that noobs in STF elites are rife in "The Conduit Elite", but on other STF's like "The Vortex" and "The Hive", the appearance of noobs is minimal. So here is my idea:

Change the gameplay of "The Conduit Elite", so if one Nanite sphere makes its repair connection with a transformer, then the mission is FAILED. No optional, no second chance, just straight failed.

My reasoning behind my idea is this: Noobs are scared of Tac cube onslaughts, so they avoid The Hive mission, They avoid The Vortex, cos you have to have a quick and powerful ships to tackle the cubes, the probes, and Donatra. 10 probes get through, its game over.

The Elite missions on other games in STF seem to be geared towards Elite more than the Conduit is, and i think this is the issue.

So i think the "The Conduit Elite" should be altered to be orientated to get the transformers blown as quickly as possible (or with the 10% rule whichever you prefer), if not, and the nanite spheres get through, then the mission is over. The Normal version of The Conduit, can keep its format, for the Noobs to have something to do.

Some may call it elitist (which is ironic as the subject is about Elite STF's) but there is a reason why there is "normal" and "Elite". It is to allow the veterans a challenging, and equally rewarding match. It is not for noobs to try out their training wheels.

So what do you guys think?
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03-05-2013, 01:25 AM
Not too bad, since ISE, I really don't get the new names btw, is the only one of the old STF's without a rock solid fail objective.

KASE has the 10 probes thing, CSE has the Kang that can be destroyed, ISE is left without and thus becomes the cesspit of noobs who have no clue of what they are doing and don't want to learn either.

Make the optional timer a fail timer though, something like after 15 mins the amount of Borg becomes so great that it would be suicide to remain and continue.
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# 3 Absolutely brilliant
03-05-2013, 01:36 AM
Absolutely brilliant solution!

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03-05-2013, 01:56 AM
+1 - good idea..

on the other hand, the same happened to me.

logged in, wanted to use the last 15 min of bonus rep hour, queued for an quick ISE..
warped in..

optional already failed at first transformer, 4 noob ships flying around the nanite spheres..

i jumped in, saved the day, commented on "no rambo'ing on the right side pls",
and introduced them into the tactics of 10%.

on the right side no problem, everybody was able to understand the written word, we finished.

it has been the longest STF i'Ve ever done, cause of the rainbow boats with 300 DPS and 20 injuries.. but i hope the other 4 people will not do this mistake again.

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03-05-2013, 03:13 AM
Ok ill confess I am not the best ever player HOWEVER when people fail the optional its exactly that OPTIONAL and i get so excuse the bad language decked off with being shouted at in chat or even worse people dropping out.

I personally think it should be your in it help finish the mission or don't BOTHER everyone forgets its a GAME not real life. .

So here is my solution. . . Don't like playing with pugs don't. . . Get your mates or fleet to help. . But i dare you to find someone who won't mess it up either from lack of experience or by mistake. .

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03-05-2013, 03:52 AM
Originally Posted by jam3s1701 View Post
Don't like playing with pugs don't
Pretty good suggestion this one, I simply can't handle pugs any more they're too irritating. join #PublicEliteSTF - you can always get a game within a few minutes.

That being said I actually love OPs idea, I think there should be a way to fail ISE and I think this makes perfect sense tbh. Not that it would ever make any difference to me, when you're not running with pugs and everyone has even half-decent DPS it's so easy anyway.

Frankly, I've noticed the ESTF channel are getting a little lazy. Nobody even needs to worry about the 10% rule on generators anymore, because the team DPS is so high. I could fly on my own, blow up a single generator, release the nanites, the team could join me 10 seconds later and we'd still get the transformer down before the nanites arived - with all the increases to DPS over the last year or so they have become pretty trivial.

I think we need another difficulty level, or (SOME) borg need buffs in ESTFs, but please no more mega-stupidly-massive-crits. Just more hull would do nicely.
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# 7
03-05-2013, 04:05 AM

Great idea
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03-05-2013, 04:51 AM
I mean, to be objective, i know that there are weaker players out there, and it is unfair to say "only people with strong ships do STF", but this is the whole reason behind why there is a "Normal", and "Elite". Sure, the noobs will want to go for the better bonuses, but if they are too weak then they are just ruining it for everyone else.

The optional objective isn't that important to me TBH, but completing the main objective is. This morning, the nanite spheres were coming quicker than i was killing them, so if i stayed, i would have been there forever in a perpetual loop! Also, i remember once on the Vortex Elite, with Donatra's Scimitar appeared, my other "team mates" were so weak, that i actually watched Donatra's health improving from 60% up to 95%, then i gave up and left that one as well.

I really don't want to sound elitist, cos we were all noobies once upon a time, and its nice for teamwork to occur, especially with strangers you never met(we all love it "when a plan comes together"). But there really must be some sort of fail-safe which is there to say "If the team is too weak, then you get a swift fail, so that you can go back to the PvE queues and quickly join another game rather than waiting an hour after rage-quitting. Also, with the fail system, it will put off the noobs from ever entering Elite STF's like The Conduit.

Additional: I would like to thank all of the posters on this thread so far for your support and ideas! I love a nice positive thread, makes me all gooey inside
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03-05-2013, 05:11 AM
If I understand it right, your issue is that all of the eSTFs should have fail conditions, such that awful teams are unceremoniously escorted out by the borg, rather than leaving the bads to realize on their own time that they'll need to leave.

Originally Posted by ironmako View Post
My reasoning behind my idea is this: Noobs are scared of Tac cube onslaughts, so they avoid The Hive mission
That's not why people avoid the hive.

I've avoided it to the point that I didn't even know the cubes upgrade to tac cubes, mostly because of all the visible, semi-visible and invisible one-shot death flying around in normals; if it's so bad there that I can't handily carry a PUG, then I'm sure elite is bad to the point where I'd only even consider trying it with a premade group.

Originally Posted by jam3s1701 View Post
Ok ill confess I am not the best ever player HOWEVER when people fail the optional its exactly that OPTIONAL
Most of them are so easy they shouldn't be failed ever.

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03-05-2013, 05:31 AM
Part of the problem here is the pug environment you find in the non elite games. No one learns anything there because people are too busy telling each other how stupid everyone is except for themselves. And yet, no one ever once gives out any advice about how the game should be played, i.e., what to do. Unless you count the obvious,"Google is your friend NOOB!" comments. No need to discuss the outright trolls who join to see if they can afk the group into quitting, or drag other groups in to get a wipe, all done on purpose.

Something like Conduit though can "usually" be finished with a little direction. "Guys, leave the trans, kill the spheres." or,"YO! Spheres HEAL the transformer, kill them FIRST." I just ran two kdfs to max omega this last month or so and have had to do that maybe 4 or 5 times between both of them, not really that bad. Did have one game like the OP though I had to leave so I do know how that one goes as well.

Bottomline, we're the oldtimers here, you've gotta let these guys know what to do. Most will actually try to learn. As to the ones who refuse to and just want to troll you, changing the game around isn't going to get rid of them at all. Probably just the opposite.

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