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A mission by timeras13

Language: English
Level: Any
Playtime: about 45 minutes
Focus: Story

A conflict is to be looming in the Andoria system. Starfleet sent out the U.S.S. Tribute to meet an andorian ambassador. You are ordered to help the Tribute, stabilizing the political situation, to prevent a civil war.

Go to Andoria in the Sirius Sektor Block.

This episode of the Photon-Series is translated from my german spotlight mission and was enhanced in may ways, compared to the original, but there might still be some mistakes in spelling and grammar.

Admiral Timeras, Lieutnant Commander Kinara, Lieutnant Commander Sovek, Fourty-Two, Dr. Lesar, terrorists, holograms, a shady informant, Lurbo and of course other crewmembers of the U.S.S. Tribute

I created the original version of the mission two years ago with the intention to use foundry-techniques to create worlds never seen among cryptic- and foundry missions at that time. Today some of these effects will seem outdated or we have better solutions to get around foundry limitations. However, some limitations are still in effect (for example, we can't force the player to use a shuttle), so if it comes to the decision to create something realistic/canon or to make it cool gameplay-wise, i always choose the latter and write some treknobabble story/explanation around it.

Link to the german Spotlight Feature:

Photonen im Wind a foundry mission by timeras13
Photonen im Eis a foundry mission by timeras13
Photonen im Schatten a foundry mission by timeras13

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