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# 1 The lag returns
01-14-2010, 04:23 PM
I started getting lot of lag again and thought was doing well for the earlier part of the evening , but come like 12midnight UK time the game was lagging really bad.

I was trying to sell stuff to npc shop vernders and they would not buy it but unknown to me they wher actually buying it the game was jsut taking way to lon gto acknowedge this. Same with changing a chars costume it didnt seem t oregister the changes, it took the cash but no visual update, so went and changed it again but in a diffrent instance and it then accepted the change.

I then tried to equip and unequip my BOs i again was thiniknig i had equoiped them and un equiped them but the delay in server acknoweging this made it seem as tho i wasnt doing anything , i then later found out that i had unequiped them and the nsold thier stuff on

If the server wasnt laggin in the NPCs at the space port then these problems i was having may not have happened.

I even had the spaceship in Space dock port reappear / Charater in space bug i thought earlier this had been cured but no its the lag again, server loads

Definatly think its something to do with server load when the US log in and us EU then get pummeled with the lag monster , as from 6PM uk time till up till about then i had no problems

At the moment the servers or something are really struggling they will need to up resources big time when this goes live as the servfers will get pummeled with lot more folks who are not in eitehr beta

Any how off to bed, my fun play test brought to a bit of a dissapointment with the return of El laggio


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