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01-24-2010, 08:47 AM
Originally Posted by TauNeutrino
Hi all,

My attention was brought to this thread recently, and it's encouraging to see so much interest in getting STO running on other platforms besides Windows. I have been poking around lately with getting the Cryptic engine running under WINE, and thanks to some joint work with CodeWeavers it's looking like full support is just around the corner.

In fact, last night I was able to log into the beta and play for an hour using a lightly modified version of the wine/hacks branch under Ubuntu. Any of you who are reasonably tech-savvy should be able to test my solution:

1. Get the wine/hacks branch from
2. Get the following patches from (kindly provided by Jeremy White)
- "Hack to work around issue with GetProcessMemoryInfo"
- "Patch to address failure in GetCurrentDirectoryA with 0x10000 sized buffers."
3. Build & install.
4. Run winetricks ie6
5. Run the launcher, patch up and go!

Please report your level of success here.







mmdevapi=disabled allowed me to get sound!
xset r off
^into terminal

Following these instructions I have STO working what I would consider as well as under Windows.

Q6600 @ 2.7ghz
8GB DDR2 @900mhz
nVidia GTX260 Core BE
Debian Squeeze "testing" AMD64
nVidia driver: 190.53

I had some minor sound and grathics issues, as well as problems with the launcher, but I rechecked the output of ./configour and found I was missing some X11 dev lib's, with them install, and IE7 via winetricks everything is great

Font is still a bit iffy, but apart from that is prefect.

If anyone is having problems checking out and patching WINE via git i would be happy to upload a snapshot.
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# 212 Now it works OK but a bit slow
01-24-2010, 10:16 AM
I installed some X11 dev lib's whit synaptic and ie7 via winetricks. Now it works better.
Just an issue whit sound i have sound but a sparkeling niose repeats in the backgorund, I have tride what ia think was the native mmdevapi.dll dont't do taht its mess up sound probly.
Futher i need better ATI drivers for my grapihs Card a Radeon HD 3870 card.
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# 213 Regarding fonts
01-24-2010, 10:51 AM
I noticed that winetricks nowadays has these options:
fontsmooth-bgr Enables subpixel smoothing for BGR LCDs
fontsmooth-disable Disables font smoothing
fontsmooth-gray Enables grayscale font smoothing
fontsmooth-rgb Enables subpixel smoothing for RGB LCDs

Unfortunately the only useful one seemed to be the fontsmooth-disable which made the game a bit faster.
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01-24-2010, 08:48 PM
I suppose the last problem is the font, what font does STO use so I can try and find a better version?
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01-24-2010, 11:59 PM
Originally Posted by jpalko View Post
Just out of curiosity, you did have libpulse-dev installed to your system? Or did it really fail compiling? Just because I think I had no complaints on pulseaudio compilation after I installed libpulse-dev also.
This is a 64-bit system, there are no 32-bit libpulse packages in Debian. But I don't want pulse anyway, I only use alsa.
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01-25-2010, 12:59 AM
Originally Posted by lightspeed256 View Post
This is a 64-bit system, there are no 32-bit libpulse packages in Debian. But I don't want pulse anyway, I only use alsa.
Ok, my system is a x86_64 Ubuntu but perhaps it's a difference between Ubuntu and Debian. Before I installed libpulse-dev configure said that wine won't compile with pulseaudio support but after installing libpulse-dev onto the system it didn't complain no more about that.
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01-25-2010, 02:31 AM
Reporting SUCCESS on:
Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic
Intel quad Q9400
Nvidia GeForce 8600 GTO

sound operational through the library override
graphics clean with /renderscale .999
mouse is a TAD jumpy sometimes

Cryptic, you got yourself another customer.
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# 218 Thumbs up for STO with wine :)
01-25-2010, 03:59 AM
Yup, looks promising enough to be a lifetime customer to Cryptic with STO.

That's my second lifetime MMORPG then. Now I can have good fantasy time with LotRO on Linux and hopefully be able to play STO as well on Linux as LotRO has worked thus far and enjoy the definitive Science fiction setting.

Thanks a lot to everyone in getting things rolling for playing the game on our platforms.

I do have to admit that I wait what Crossover Games 9.0 brings us.
A quote from Jeremy White's blog entry - The Road Map for 2010:
After we ship CrossOver 9, we'll quickly ship CrossOver Games 9, which will have the same core engine and updates to a variety of games. We're hoping the new system will enable us to more cleanly support Lord of The Rings Online, and we're looking to improve support for Modern Warfare 2, and perhaps some titles such as the upcoming Star Trek Online.

Wouldn't mind using crossover games for both of these games if they truly bring us native usability.
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01-25-2010, 06:00 AM
Everything runs rather good, but I would like to be able to run it with more fps. the lower my settings are the lower FPS i get. Im on a nvidia 260 GTX 879 ram or something like that. i got 4g ram, and a amd 5200 x2.
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01-25-2010, 11:42 PM
by disable anti aliasing and setting /renderscale 1.4 ingame (input in chat) i gained impressive fps, even better than w7. jippi. gogogo. release allready.
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