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I called my friend where i left my computer to download the beta right. It was at a 0 when i left at 4 it's now almost 7 and it's still at a 0 can someone please tell me what is the matter with the Star Trek Downloader please? Also tried to download it torrent and it wouldn't download either. I have left my computer hooked to a cable connection trying to see if it will download over night but since it's at a 0 what should be done?
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01-12-2010, 05:03 PM
well I'd powercycle all your equipment and try again, I know with me, my router when stupid and power cycling all my stuff, including the computer helped with the download. I'm a internet tech for a ISP so that's usually what could be going on unless cryptic servers are having a issue, but try that first, pm if you need additional help

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