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We should have new item sets for players based on their class. The set could be made of a kit, armor, and shields with stats aimed at tanking for engineers, healing for science officers, and dps for tacs. A engineers set would have a tanking kit, great defensive power, threat generation, but low dps. A science set could have a healing kit, medium-low defense with medium-low dps abilities. And, a tac would have low defense and high dps. The fomula is not perfect but you see the intent. The kits would not include weapons so that the player can still decide what he wants to fight with. The armor and shields could be socketed as well so that the player would have a little more control over his stats.
With these sets leading players in the right direction you would see tanks and medics on the rise. People would begin to know their roll. There should be varient sets for pvp as well. The kinds of sets should exist at multiple ranks to ensure a player has a chance to learn.
Also, I know there must exist a varient set for each class as well so that an engineer has a chance to dps if he wishes and the same for medics. Say the enemy neutralization kit(engineer) had a set attached to it that consisted a device(some kind of weapon an EMP grenade perhaps), and a specialized weapon(a close combat weapon). And, the medic had a set that was made of a kit, a specialized shield(a shield with very high regeneration), and a weapon(special secondary/science like fire). While the tac had a set made of a kit, a specialized armor(high survivability armor, maybe it has a stim pack built in), and a weapon.
There is a lot we can do to diversify the ground items.

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