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# 1 Game bugs and disconnections.
01-12-2010, 04:58 PM
Hi, im having serious issues with Star Trek Online Beta, the game runs smooth, i had numerous disconnections errors but finnaly got too the point where i could pilot my starship but couldnt manually control impulse, it either auto impulses or doesnt impulse at all, i also cant seem too get close enough too other ships too complete my missions, and eventually it disconnects, i also cannot properly join the chat channels, The game doesnt lag or anything and i have the most up too date drivers for my gpu and sound card and network card.

I can log into the game fine and it plays fairly smooth, but another problem i ahave is if i move too far if impulse autos and i turn too much it warps my ship back too the start near the khitamer or whatever the ship is called, sometimes after it warps me back it disables me from using any impulse at all, the interface works good but other then that i cant really play at all, i cant seem too find the option too include my DXdiag file.

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