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The Team Courageous collection of fleets/super groups/guilds brings you the 232nd Division, Starfleet Corps of Engineers. We go where the other SCE divisions do not, repair and investigations under fire and dropping off combat payloads where necessary.

But as part of Team Courageous, we focus on bringing Family Fun Night back to the family, including ranks between the adults and the children of the house, scheduling of individual Family Fun Nights, and helping each other out through the tough stuff and getting the good gear. On top of that, Team Courageous also has fleets in the KDF and Romulan factions as well as on Champions Online and Neverwinter, we do Bible studies on family, marriage, and parenting, and plan on bringing this even higher to doing fundraising events for charity as the individual groups get a lot larger.

No, this isn't for everybody, but perhaps it is for you. If you think it might be, check us out at Use the Recruitment section to contact us regarding joining or allying or even if you just want to take a look at the Bible studies and other talk.

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