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OK. I'm flying a Khyzon Andorian Escort, and I'm really struggling with the tac boff slots since I moved to an all cannon setup.

5 DHC fore, Turret + Cutting beam aft.
MACO set.

Won't bother listing my consoles because I'm very happy with them.

I've recently discovered the joys of aux2batt so my doffs are:

3x technician (30% reduction in boff abilities when I use aux2batt)
1x warp core engineer (increase power levels on emergency to x)
1x exocomp (pimps up my RMC even more)

Boff slots:

Commander Tac: TT1, Delta 1, Scatter 2, Beta 3
Lt. Commander Tac: TT1, Omega 1, Scatter 2

Ens. Eng: Emergency to Shields 1
Lt. Eng: Eng Team 1, Aux2Batt 1

Lt. Sci: Polarize Hull 1, Hazard Emitters 2.

I tried running without Eng Team but it's just not possible in CSE where occasionally you get hit by something huge and need a hull heal. My main problem here is a stupid number of Attack Patterns (3, 4 if you include Alpha!) but I can't figure out anything else to put in there, given that torp/beam abilities are useless.

Anyone got any thoughts?

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