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f2p? stand alone game? without support.
at 23oclock german time i delete my chars, because of non support for paying players, intil the release i invest more tan 5000euro inform of abos und zen, and my chars was ne of the oldest in this game, but it was nerf pur, i never got support for the bugs, my last problem i wait 2 weeks and none response. so i delet it and dont want to stress lnger in this way, it schould be a game but it isn it is stress pur. you cant buy something because of the bugs. and when you need help you are standing alone.
does anybody knows, how to delet the hole perfect world account and the cryptic account also, i cant find a option in both homepages! otherwise i will delet the email addres i linked with cryptic and perfekt world, pls post way to delet hole account. they dont want people to play tis game and buy zen.

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