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# 1 Map no longer exists?
01-12-2010, 06:08 PM
I understand that this is the Beta and so it's very busy, Lag and d/c issues are to be expected, but I have now gone from the "map is full" (boot back to log in) to a "map no longer exists" (boot back to log in) message. Is this suggesting that instances/maps (don't know what to call them) are being closed\ceasing to be, when existing ones are so full people cannot log in?

The gameplay so far has been incredible, I couldn't be happier with everything I have experienced, but so far the game seems to be screaming for some kind of queue system for accessing maps (especially sector space) there's nothing more annoying than:

<Log in, wait for Char to retrieve, get to sector where you were doing mission, warp to sector space, boot back to login because map for sector space is full>

Repeat 10 times before you get back to sector space, travel to next mission sector spend 10 mins doing mission, then repeat the above sequence again....

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