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Originally Posted by maxvitor View Post
If you walk into a situation looking for a problem you'll find one even where none existed. Hypersensitivity to the possibility of racism creates as many problems as racism itself, it's a vicious trait that only serves to re-enforce the very thing it's supposed to oppose.
In the end it's just name, and there can be no doubt that there were no racial overtones in choosing it for that character.
Logic dictates that there is no evidence to support either the contention that this was a deliberately racist act or that it was simply a random coincidence.
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I'm going to caution people right now that this thread is in danger of going seriously south and needing to be removed.

Please remember when posting that we have rules against "Hate Speech", "Flaming & Trolling", and "Harassment".

You may have an opinion about the original topic. Please remain respectful and considerate of others and if you can't share your comment or opinion without violating the rules just don't post at all.

Thanks in advance for your understanding,

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If I had to pick a favorite baseless argument from the Devidian arc between Simien and Cassidy, Cassidy would be my choice. It was fun watching people flail about trying to come up with arguments as to why the situation was sexist, only to be struck down by people with level heads.
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Don't caution them, remove it anyway. There is no useful discussion to be had here.
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Originally Posted by ducklesworth View Post
So I was playing Everything Old is New and something's been bugging me with this mission for a while now. Isn't it a bit racist to have one of what, 3 named starfleet officers on the map be a black woman named "Lt. Simian?" I'm not an overtly sensitive person, so when something sticks out to me like that, it's gotta be sticking out like a sore thumb for other people. Anyone else get this thought?

Did you post this exact same thread 2yrs ago when the episode first came out?

Wayne Simien



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It was quite normal and not offensive during that time. See this British comedy program from late 70s
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Something I heard about TOS from the actress that played Uhura is that Roddenberry admitted that it was a series of morality plays meant to spark discourse and have some levity in discussing very heated topics. Star Trek walks hand in hand with racism, bigotry, senseless violence, and a great many of societies ills to ILLUMINATE us about them and help us find a better way.

Some anvils need to be dropped.

Star Trek without bringing up political and moral controversy isn't Star Trek

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***RAGE about unfair warnings***

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If everything old is new again, then was it ever old in the first place....if you're new again you never were old.

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