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So yea, with temporal ambassador out there, it gave me a good excuse to have my fed flying a Galor, Dominion Warship, Ferengi Marauder, Tholian Ship, etc.

I always go with the *alternate me* Excuse, it's always "my timeline the federation was snuffed by the tholians and we work for them now, or durring the dominion war we chose to surrender to avoid the costly deaths, turns out it ain't so bad when we are valuable..and dangerous. the ferengi one however, I just go with I had some tons of latinum from previous exploits and decided to splurge."

who else has a good excuse for flying their lockbox ships?
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03-19-2013, 06:13 PM
starfleet captured them and after reverse engineering any usable tech from them decided to put them into service instead of scrapping them

happens in the real world as well

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