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03-18-2013, 08:50 PM
Not been playing long but the one thing that annoyed me is that I couldn't throw that Vorta out the airlock in the final episode of the cardassian campaign. Not too awful much really annoyed me in the game so far but that guy did.
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03-18-2013, 09:05 PM
My top 2 are:
False Red Alerts... I've got into god knows how many false Tholian alerts since they launched... and spent more time than I care to have warping in and out HOPING the Tholians are actually there.

Also Rep Project item priorities. STOP TAKING THEM OUT OF MY EQUIPPED SLOTS FIRST!. MAKE THE ORDER INVENTORY, BANK, THEN HAVE A QUESTION BOX TO USE EQUIPPED ITEMS. It's freaking ANNOYING resetting the items both in my equipped device slots AND putting them back on the bar every time I do those particular Reputation projects.
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03-18-2013, 09:08 PM
Too much clutter on screen: too many weapons per ship, too many pets, too many big glowy special effects... even data sample 'anomalies' have a big glowing icon floating over them.

The amount of EC engineering Doff assignments can burn through.

The sheer amount of junk I end up carrying around: data samples, repair components, lock boxes, regenerators, radiation scan data, batteries... It's a good thing I can store spare gear on surplus Boffs and ships, or I'd have no room for it. Makes it easy to lose track of stuff though; and going to a shipyard when I want to re-equip my ship is a nuisance.

Being able to access so much content just by joining a queue makes the occasions I actually have to travel somewhere seem all the more tiresome.

Oh, and my two favourite forms of repeatable content (exploration and PvP) have been all but abandoned these past 3 years in favour of FEs (which is fine), and dull repetitive grind (which isn't).
Exploration suggestions thread - give it a read

BTW, you'd pronounce it 'Cap'n Manks'

I protest the removal of exploration clusters
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03-18-2013, 09:10 PM
Players keep thinking the Enterprise E vanish
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03-18-2013, 09:17 PM
Originally Posted by sander233 View Post
People who whine about the most insignificant crap.
Agreed. Especially on the forums.
I went to the Delta Quadrant and the Kazon stole my stupid T-shirt. Also, my pet hamster that died when I was a kid is now a Kobali.
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Top three in no particular order...

1. Complete lack of immersion in the game.

2. Complete lack of depth to the game.

3. Complete lack of polish in the game.
Next time you log in, ask yourself this.

Originally Posted by DStahl
If you can't have fun, then what is the point?
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Originally Posted by vinru821 View Post
this !

Those few PVP people are getting too much say in what effects so many of us. They just keep getting the little tweaks that keep the normal players down.

And I am sorry but I refuse to inflate their egos further by joining ANY PVP boot camp nonsense.
completely agree just look at how nerfed 80% of the science space skills are and our tin foil science ships that no one flies in anymore. It's all escorts, I know i finally broke down and bought one. Got tired of having to spend ten minutes per fight to do anything even the solo dailies to get currency.
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Originally Posted by peter1z9 View Post
1. I'm tired of playing Escort Trek Online. Science is absolutely useless now. Cruisers are also a joke due to the horribly imbalanced weapon power drain mechanic...even with EPTWx, DEM, and AUXtoBAT.

2. Forced, endless grinding of the same-old, stale endgame content.

3. Insanely expensive gear combined with even more forms of currency and fewer ways of getting each type of currency. In our first fleet meeting after the S7 release a consensus was reached over our voice chat: "They (the devs) screwed us." Our fleet members were WAY less active after the S7 release.

4. Ground combat setup like space combat. I don't want individual unit targeting, auto-locking, and third-person combat forced on me while on the ground. I want ground combat to be exactly like (or at least the option to have it be like) Star Trek: Elite force 1 and 2.

5. 10-second forced red alert time after space combat ends. Especially some of the scripted storyline missions where the AIs are running from you at full-impulse while you are stuck in red alert.

The combination of 1, 2, and 3 are why I can no longer play the game. When I still played, 4 was why I always avoided ground combat.
Couldn't agree more, I'm adding anything I missed to my big list of issues. Season 7 has been met by most veteran players as being generally negative, though the rep system itself was a good idea in theory. The way it was implemented however has driven a lot of people away.

Originally Posted by badname834854 View Post
Too many. Where do I start?

1. Lobi being character bound simply due to the fact there are a handful of Lobi available for free.

2. Items that are purchased for Lobi are often bound on pickup when they shouldn't be.

3, Simple bug fixes are left to languish for weeks, whereas anything the even *might* give players a potential chance to get more dilithium than "intended" will become gamestoppers, demanding a hotfix patch.

4. The overall push to "Playing As Intended"; An environment where we are corralled needlessly so into planned events that have planned, hard caps of whatever money they give (Romulan Marks, Omega, etc). (Hard Caps AND time limits should never be in the same mission...). An environment where we are forced to endgame that pretty much demands that we use a limited set of STF sets ONLY in the ways that were "intended". Again, more "Playing as Intended".

5. Not trolling, but PvPers simply have too much truck and influence simply due to the fact that it is in Borticus' area of responsibility now, and I'm guessing he sees them as a quick and dirty testing cadre. I'm also going to guess his philosophy is something to the effect of "If it's ok for PvE, it might not be ok for PvP, but if it's ok for PvP, it's generally ok for PvE", hence, the path of least resistance in his mind.

6. The constant copypasta that goes on in the dev side, creating bugs.

7. The constant copypasta and regurgitation of in-game assets for the Starbase vanity items, which are pointless, add no functionality and are simply there as a money-sink. Aside from the money sink issue, they also show a lack of creativity in generating new art assets.

8. No new hairstyles/character looks since game inception.

9. Just an overall feeling that the game is still coasting on the pre-release systems and art assets made long ago by employees no longer with Cryptic.

10. I know I've missed plenty.
Once again agreed.

Originally Posted by br3akingforce View Post
i was reading, planning responses and rebuttals to what other players have posted here, and then it hit me that that's not what this thread is for. so here are MY issues with STO.

First and foremost, the ground combat engine. it was disappointing when the game launched that it had a 6 year old mmo's ground combat engine (city of heroes/villians), and it's more diappointing now. however, i can understand that cryptic was working on a tight deadline and just tweaked what they had and threw it in as a placeholder. well, that place is still held. it's time to do away with the (now) 9 year old ground combat engine. and hey, cryptic: you just developed a game with what appears to be a modern ground combat engine (neverwinter...however, i haven't participated in any of the i right on this? is it actually a modern ground combat engine, or am i to be disappointed and it's city of d&d?). Take that, tweak it, and put it in sto! or, even better, sit down and make a modern engine custom for sto! with a new engine you'll get more customers! i know that sto drove me away because it played poorly on the ground...and i had paid for a collector's edition at launch! so i had economic incentive to give it the benefit of the doubt. it wasn't until just recently a good friend started playing and i came back, but i still HATE TO GET OUT OF MY SHIP!

second, currencies: there are too many. EC, Dil, Zen, GPL, rep currencies, fleet currencies, etc. this needs pared down. dabo and doff missions shouldn't be the only way to get gpl. unify zen and dil. unify ec, fleet, and rep currencies. roll the dil store into the zen store and increase prices on the previous zen offerings.

next, we have endgame content. there's not enough. and what there is isn't hard enough. the endgame ground content suffers because the ground engine is antiquated: there's just no way (i assume) to add new fight mechanics and whatnot with the current. the current space stf's serve as a good stepping stone to the estf's. estf's serve as a stepping stone to...? all that's been added to sto (from what i can tell) in the past 3 years are short mission arcs (starting after cardassian struggle), a rep system, and accompanying repgated equipment, and shiny new ships. maybe a couple new (e)stf's here and there, but.... put it this way...when blizzard releases a mid-expansion content update, they usually have put in 3-5 new dungeons AND a new raid. which serve as stepping stones to the entirely new set of content updates that release 4-5 months down the road.

And we have the foundry. my gripe with this kind of plays into that last paragraph, but i thought i'd break it up. the foundry is not a replacement for new content. sure, it's a nice enough thing to have, allowing a variety of new and interesting stories to be told (and, of course, the star-trek themed fanfics). but: you don't allow the authors to set the rewards for their missions and those rewards are limited per day. i feel like i'd be better off just grinding cluster anomalies.

next, the interface. it needs to be more flexible. beyond all the "skill trays need to be saveable" rabble (which i agree with), i'd love to see an option to change the skill trays to the 12 slots that i've gotten used to using. I'd love to be able to separate one tray out and position it differently from my others. i'd love to get rid of that red background for my klink. I'd love to be able to switch boffs mid-fight in space (and why not? it shouldn't be too hard to say "x, take the science position...your expertise is required for this maneuver"), or between fights on the ground.

and then there's transwarp. super convenient, with a cooldown. ok, that's fine. anyone piloting any ship should have access to transwarp to any sector. who benefits from me having to trek my way across space when i don't have a ship that can go straight there? maybe put a mission in each sector to unlock travel to that sector. take the special transwarps off of cruisers and tuffli. give them something useful instead. everyone else gets useful in-combat boosts, hook tha cruisers up.

oh, and the exchange. i've said it before, and i'll probably say it again: in an age of transporters and cross-quadrant high speed data transfers, it's kind of silly that we have to go to a special console at a spacedock to access it. unless you have a tuffli. what's up with that? does it have a special exchange antenna or something that allows it to get access? (oh, and i guess this goes for full bank access as well)

crafting: there's no point. for the amount of effort and resources required, there needs to be a point. i don't have any especially good suggestions here. i dunno: maybe allow us to craft ships? or not. anyway, there needs to be a point. the only thing i've ever heard of people crafting with the intent to use is the aegis set.

and last (i think...for now). I'm a tac flying an escort: it's what i've done since launch. it's what i want/wanted to do. not because it's the popular thing to do. tacscorts aren't overpowered. everything else is underpowered. give science characters/ships back their bite (i like the idea of giving them a new damage type that doesn't buff/isn't buffed by tac powers). give cruisers a boost to beam damage commensurate with their larger and more numerous arrays (not just for more damage, but because it'll help hold aggro better). buff their durability. make fights that only a well fit cruiser can tank. there are ways around the trinity, but since sto isn't interested in any of them, USE THE TRINITY. everything shouldn't be completeable with escorts. quit pandering to the casual/pvp crowd. i understand the wisdom of creating content/ships for fed vs kdf. it doesn't make sense to dedicate 50% of your development resources to 10-20% of your customers. the same should be understood for pvp players though. it doesn't make sense to dedicate a big chunk of your resources to cater to the small percentage of players who play pvp. also, with that being said, the game shouldn't be balanced around pvp.

i dunno...maybe more will come as i think about it, but just sitting here at work, that's how i feel :X
Agree with much of this and no I am afraid NW's combat systems is just as bad as STO's just a simple hack and slash pretty awful. The engine I don't think is currently capable of things like headshots and the like. Nor will it ever be.

Originally Posted by br3akingforce View Post
ah, one more i just thought of: the hourly events. why punish someone for not being able to be online at a given time? just roll the bonuses they gave into the standard rewards for their events.
This also annoys me especially as the Mirror Event has become so infrequent.

Originally Posted by antovaras View Post
Top three in no particular order...

1. Complete lack of immersion in the game.

2. Complete lack of depth to the game.

3. Complete lack of polish in the game.
To sum it up... yes.
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03-19-2013, 01:57 PM
CBS. Nuff said.
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people want to be Kirk, and complain STF are hard because they can't play well with others.

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