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It's a long story but I recently came upon some extra money. I figured, why not put $100 into my account in case there's something cool I want?

Well, I was able to make a SINGLE $50.00 transaction. The second one declined.

YES, I called the bank and they said nothing as wrong and it *should* work fine. They refreshed my card just in case, but I'm probably not going to try again.

I get that PWE thinks everyone is a liar and a theif, given the way they make us wait 24 hours for the zen we purchase. But if they want our money so badly, wouldn't it be easier to let us make multiple (or larger) purchases? Why is is limited, and why is my money not good enough when they're so notorious for bleeding their players dry?
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# 2
03-09-2013, 10:23 PM
I have made multiple ZEN purchases in a single day and my transactions are almost instantanious.
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# 3
03-09-2013, 10:52 PM
Is this your first time? Usually they run a check on first time transactions. Two of that magnitude within a short time could be suspicious if its your first time (again).

Look at it from their perspective. Do they allow what could be a stolen credit card to lose 50 Dollars, or 100 Dollars? Or wait until its confirmed.
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03-10-2013, 01:32 PM
Well, I got an email from PWE saying my transaction was approved -- BUT I HAVE NO ZEN! I get that I have to transfer it to STO, but there is NOTHING in my wallet under my account! And YES, I have been charged and they refuse to deposit the zen I bought. Their perspective is that I somehow owe them more and deserve nothing in return for my BETA Lifer.
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03-12-2013, 06:34 PM
2 threads? ok, sure. I'll just copypasta my response to your other thread here, with one addition: Yes, if they haven't finished reviewing your first transaction, they probably won't authorize another one immediately. now then, on with the pasting.

based on your shots, i believe "skrill" is a representative of "moneybookers", one of the payment processors that pwe uses. my understanding is that moneybookers sent the charge to your bank, and your bank released the funds to them...then, there's a window of time (i saw 48 hours in here somewhere earlier, but iirc, it's usually much much faster than that) for moneybookers to review the transaction and give the cardholder a chance to disupte the charge. then, finally, moneybookers releases the cash to pwe, and they credit you your zen almost immediately. so yes, the email was from moneybookers saying "yeah, we successfully charged you this for that on behalf of pwe", not "omg yay money, your zen will be in your wallet yesterday".

i'll also /signed for the fact that i've given pwe a bunch of my money (omg lockbox lottery gets addicting ), and have always recieved my zen/lifetime sub within a reasonable timeframe, and have never been extra-charged or anything untowards.

I do understand the frustration, and i don't believe that you have a mental condition, other than perhaps something i'm going to call "online shopping PTSD" from having been bitten by online merchants in the past. Remember that patience is a virtue and your zen will come.

paste ends.

funny enough, this actually relates to a thread i just posted asking about the higher tiers of payment...there are actually $100 and (aparrently...i can't see it to confirm, but from what i hear..) $200 charges for zen as well. that you went with the 2x $50 instead of 1x $100 charge tells me that you probably can't see it as well, so it's not just me.

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