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# 1 Advice on Odyssey build
12-12-2013, 07:45 PM
here is my Tac Odyssey build

first of all I am already aware that I have the wrong tactical consoles on it currently and I intend to replace them as soon as I can acquire what would be more appropriate

I am open to any suggestions to increase survivability and damage in combat
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# 2
12-12-2013, 08:23 PM

Your consoles could use a few switches. The ionized sensor, if you aren't a cloak-hunter in PVP, drop it. The Aquarius, unless you REALLY like the 3-piece Odyssey bonus, drop it. The armor console, get a neutronium so that you get some energy resistance but some kinetic resistance as well, because in PVE it is ultimately kinetic and plasma burns that kill. Fleet for the extra turn if you can get access, but even just one off the Exchange is better than that Electroceramic. Lastly, add the Assimilated Module from the Omega Reputation, plus a Kinetic Cutting Beam in place of your rear torpedo, as that set combination is a big help on beam broadsiders like the Odyssey.

BOFF skills, you're overdone in some places, underdone in others. Feedback Pulse, without the ability to really buff it up with lots of energy and tac skills, and then an enemy tossing heavy energy damage (like another player), its just not a very useful skill. Jam Sensors 1 is a nice way of getting out of holds (though I prefer Polarize Hull), but higher levels than that is wasted. Aceton Beam is nice in theory but using up an important engineering power slot for minimal actual effect. Lastly on offense, Tactical Team above level 1 just isn't much difference from 2, since the real bonus is the shield balancing and tac-debuff-countering.

Conversely, you're missing two very important skills, Emergency Power To Shields (EPTS) and Hazard Emitters (HE). EPTS is something the really tanky cruisers have running all the time, not only for the heal but also for the damage reduction. Hazard Emitters is a good hull heal and armor bonus, and also clears a number of status effects like plasma fires. Doing endgame stuff without either of those is going to lead to a lot of frustration.

If I were to redo just the skills on your ship and trying to keep the same kind of science-healer playstyle but 'clean it up,' my setup would be:

Eng Commander
Emergency To Weapons 1, Emergency To Shields 2, Extend Shields 2, Aux To Structural 3
Sci LtCommander
Polarize Hull 1 (or Jam Sensors 1), Tractor Beam Repulsors 1, Gravity Well 1
Sci Lt
Science Team 1, Hazard Emitters 2
Tactical Lt
Tactical Team 1, Attack Pattern Beta 1
Tactical Ensign
Fire At Will 1

This would just be a start mind you, cleaning up skills. Medium term, you'd want a couple of Damage Control Engineer officers to drop the cooldown on the Emergency Power abilities so you have them both active all the time, and a Gravimetric Scientist (free from colonizing the Eridan Belt) to boost that Gravity Well. After that, I'd focus on Reputation gear, specifically the Assimilated Module and Kinetic Cutting Beam, then Borg engine and deflector for the nice hull heal they give you together. Long term would be things like Fleet level equipment, maybe learn how to use Auxiliary To Battery if you ever want to go more offense heavy. Getting your Boff layout squared away is first priority though, but fortunately is something you can do pretty easily, making either minor changes like I offered, or doing the more substantial adjustments others will likely present.
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# 3
12-12-2013, 08:26 PM
Ok well first. man your boffs bro, are not for survivability at all.

Drop engineering team, replace it with EPtS1. Change your ensign to Tac team. and your lt tac to bfaw and torp spread.

Drop almost all your science stuff.


Drop the aceton beam, replace it with aux2sif 2.

Drop your ionized gas majigger, add another armor plate., also replace your chevron sep with an armor console. I would say 3 neutroniums as high a mark and rarity as you can get.

Drop the rear torpedo in favor of a like type as your fore torpedo. This way you can have a console for the torp and 2 for the beams.

Also aim for a full maco shield, engine, deflector set for it.

Even just the boff changes and consoles will net you a marked difference in survivability.

As for you damamge disruptor and polaron consoles? with phaser, a quantum and plasma torp?

Get some quantums for punch, photons for speed, pick one and a console to go with it.

Thats as best i can do for now. Ill post and actually adjusted build when i get the chance.

Where are you at with reps? these help too.
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# 4
12-13-2013, 01:17 AM
If you are going for Aux2batt, my boff slots would be like this:
FAw1, Apb2
Epts1, a2b1, eptw3, Dem3
et1, a2b1, rsp2
he1, tss2

for Damage control build, my boff slots would be like this:
tt1, fa2, apb2
eptw1, rsp1, epts3, aux2sif3
he1, tss2

for pve, max dps on the ship, i would be using all 6 romulan plasma beam weapons + experimental romulan plasma + KCB
Adapted Maco xii or Maco xii set is ok for pve.
elite fleet warp core [+amp]

The consoles would be
Eng Consoles
Assimilated Module, Zero Point module, 2 x elite Fleet Neutronium (+hullhp)
sci consoles
Plasmonic leech, 2 x embassy consoles (+ threat + plasma damage)
tac consoles
3 plasma spire tac consoles

If possible, use romulan Boffs to add extra crit chance and crit severity for all tac boff slots. Otherwise Human for faster hull heals or any efficient boff for extra + power to low power levels.

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# 5
12-13-2013, 08:20 AM
Don't use plasmonic leech with maco shields.

There's a proc on the shields for "any incoming damage, add x power" that is supposed to stack. On plasmonic leech there is "any outgoing damage, add x power" and it is also supposed to stack. Instead of just running one or the other, any time ANY incoming OR outgoing damage is sent/recvd, it wipes the stack and you get NO bonus for either proc.

Do NOT run MACO with plasmonic leech. That said, you SHOULD run plasmonic leech if you have it. It is awesome. Worth the price on exchange. So maybe run assimilated maco (fed KHG) or the borg set instead when you use it. My oddy beamboat was running the borg set because of this problem, but was enjoying MACO XII for a while up until I bought a leech console.

EDIT: P.S. If you run a tac team reduction boff you don't need 2 of them. Run that ENS UNI as sci for PHP to break tractors. Tractors remove your defense rating, even if you can tank the damage. They hurt by holding you still.

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