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# 1 Negh'var Tactical Build, help?
03-15-2013, 06:47 PM
To keep a long story short, I have a Fed Tac officer with a standard Escort + Cannons pewpew build. I wanted to go different for my Klingon Tac officer, so I chose the Negh'var. I just don't know how I want to build the character.

All Beam Arrays? Torpedoes? Mines? DBB? I just don't want to basically clone my Fed character. If I could build it as a "tank" character, that'd be cool too. I'm running my Fed Engineer as a Cruiser Tank build and it's been pretty fun, I just miss the dmg buffs that a Tac officer gets which would boost my threat, and make solo content go by faster.

For BOFFs I was thinking:

Lt. Tac: TT I, whatever (BA: FAW, AP: D)

Cmdr. Eng: EPtS I, ET II, RSP II, AB III

Lt. Cmdr. Eng: EPtW I, DEM I, AtB II

Ensign Eng: ET I

Lt. Sci: PH I, HE II

Skills would fit the chosen BOFF powers and role (dmg or tank, can't decide which... prob Tank Ground though)

Any help or insight would be awesome.

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