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Originally Posted by shockwave85 View Post
MVAE was my first VA level ship ever, I flew it for a long time in all sorts of PvE content. The issue I always saw with it in PvP though, is that if you die, you're looking at a 10 minute CD before you can use Beta again. Putting myself in the other team's shoes, if I knew I could significantly reduce one guy's threat level for the next 10 minutes by killing him one time, I'm going to be heavily inclined to mark him as my team's target. Yeah, you have Alpha and Gamma, but they aren't nearly as good if the point is to outmaneuver bugs and deal high damage.
Oh I completely agree. MVAE is far too dependent on Beta, and honestly I don't understand why on earth Cryptic thinks it needs a 10 minute CD. It's frustrating because other consoles (and even many innates, which don't take up console space) have a third of that cooldown, often have much more powerful effects and don't actively nerf the effectiveness of your ship. I think the hull and the shield penalty are enough for something that takes up a console slot. The silly cooldown length is just excessive.

It's at least a little better than it used to be, at one time you couldn't switch maps (for any reason, incl. relogging) without losing MVAM.

vids and guides and stuff

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ive never understood why my vet ship has a 30 second cooldown between switching modes, but the galaxy and MVAM has 10 minutes. at least i usually live long enough to have at least 1 other section ready again.

i find my self always saveing beta, i tend to lead off with gamma, and ether don't die, or face opponents that can kill me if they really want too. if i can use alpha then i will, or ditch the console for another turn console for the time being. beta draws agro like crazy, they tend to leave me alone more if im not in beta. i only use beta if it looks like thats the teams only chance for victory, or if its ready and the other 2 are down. ive beaten bugs in all 3 sections.

one time i was in orbit of ESD and pvped for 3 hours in it. then 3 hours the next day, finally dieing on the last match i was going to play. longest single beta run ive had

im not really sure why anyone would use the defiant over the mvam, unless they wanted to do decloak alpha kills. the kdf side is that way if thats what your into. even unseparated its down only 1 turn, and separated its in the high 40s or over 50 turn wile separated. plus it has a more useful station setup
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