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First, let me say I just came back to the game after being gone for over 3 years. I had left due to Klingons getting short shrift for too long with no feedback from Cryptic that more was coming for them and pvp was all there was, and also at the time sci officers/ships were grossly overpowered in pvp. (I played beta, pre-launch, and had a year subscription, but left before the year was up.)

Anyway, lots has changed and for the better. In the 4 days I've been back I've seen many improvements, nearly countless really, and I've been jumping around on all my characters trying to relearn the game, (do not come back after 3 years, take out your Admiral in his escort and fight the Borg thinking you're going to shake off rust that way, bad move). I even have a Romulan going which I'm also enjoying greatly. I hope things continue to improve and I can figure out a way to get Zen to get keys to open these boxes I keep getting. (Playing ftp mode)
Ok, far too much information for my single question: I have a couple of Klingons and one just made Commander. I got the Norgh BOP and decked it out. I like the way it looks on my customization screen, and on the various pictures when choosing a ship and so forth. However, when I actually take the ship out, it looks NOTHING like any other BOP. It looks like a small Raptor with the wings bending up, rather than like a Bird of Prey with the wings bending down. I tested this theory with my General and got another Norgh. Same thing.

Does anyone know if this is "right" or if I'm somehow just screwed, or what the deal is? My Norghs do not appear as they are supposed to, but they play perfectly fine. Any clarification would be helpful and appreciated.
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06-13-2013, 12:24 PM
Wings on BoPs now fold down when in combat, otherwise they are up.
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