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I have been discussing with other esteemed captains in Starfleet, some of whom are serving as wartime coaches for other captains and crews. In terms of a Starfleet cruiser, they emphasize that having an almost-constant cycle of Tactical Teams protecting the ship, along with ample defensive and scientific spaces, are essential for large capital ships to play their roles as durable ships of the line, and also repair and electronic support in small team taskforces.

I have been looking into Starfleet R&D's latest incarnations for the past while now, as my fleet division gathers reputation within Starfleet, and larger manufacturing capabilities. I have closely watched all types of cruisers, and these are the ones that stand out as potentially effective cruisers for frontline small-group tactics:

Fleet Majestic-class Star Cruiser
Pros: Great balance of Engineering and Science abilities, turn rate is above average for a cruiser.
Cons: Tactical options limited, although I hear that very experienced duty officers can assist with efficiently managing a ship's tactical team, making up for this.

Fleet Ambassador-class Support Cruiser (Retrofitted)
Pros: Can cycle a ship's tactical team in two instances, durable ship with a great turn rate and enough scientific ability space.
Cons: The smaller engineering hull reduces the repair and team heal capabilities, but only slightly.

Fleet Galaxy-class Exploration Cruiser (Retrofitted)
Pros: One of the largest engineering hulls, optimized for durability and sustained operations in small groups.
Cons: Due to its massive size, and despite using the saucer impulse engines, the Galaxy-class still has a slow turn rate, and has limited scientific options. It faces the same tactical constraints as the Emissary-class, and against the much older Klingon Bird-of-Prey, it will still lose, regardless if William T. Riker is at the helm.

The Fleet Excelsior-class and Regent-class are also available for those captains who are interested in more of an offensive role in small team tactics. However, they will not be as effective at supporting small taskforces as the above three vessels.

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